Using Buck and Doe Urine Deer Lure Whitetail Deer Urine

March 26th, 2011

Buck Urine – Buck urine is by far one of the most misunderstood deer lure scents in the industry.

Buck Urine (non-rut) is an excellent all season curiosity lure because a buck will always check out any new buck in the area to it’s determine age and dominance. In Early Season when bucks are in bachelor groups and traveling together they will investigate any new buck in the area that they do not recognize. In Pre Rut they will investigate, once again, to check out the competition. During Rut, needless to say, a whiff of another buck of any kind will usually set them off. When you are hunting a scrape (or making mock scrape) buck urine is used to “freshen” the scrape to give the presence of another buck in the area. Post Rut the buck are getting back together in bachelor groups so once again buck urine will cause them to investigate.

Buck in Rut Urine or Dominate Buck Urine. Use this during pre-rut and Rut to bring in those dominant bucks (be careful though it tends to scare off immature buck and does) in ready for a fight. Spray our Buck in Rut Urine on the ground or on brush and bushes within 2 1/2 feet of the ground in your shooting range. Do not get any on yourself or your equipment, first, because you want him looking on the ground for another buck, not up at you sitting in a tree . This is a great product to use during the rut, as rutting bucks tend to get very aggressive that time of year and very territorial .

Non Estrus Doe Urine deer attractantDoe Urine (non-estrus) this is a great all Kishels In Estrus Doe Urine deer attractantaround deer attractant, can be used anytime of the year and is attractive to all size bucks and other does. Every hunter should carry a bottle of this in their fanny packs, you just never know when you will need it.

Doe In Estrus or Doe In Heat should be used during the rut phase only.  Do not use in early season as this may scare both bucks and does who are not in preheat or heat cycles. Our Doe In Estrus Urine is as good as it gets. Always try and keep this type of urine in cool and out of any direct sunlight when not in use.

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