March 29th, 2011

Like most of you, August is the month where I begin to get real excited about the upcoming seasons. My mind begins to wonder about what this new season will have in store for me…maybe not much, but then again maybe the possibility to harvest one of the big bucks I’ve been scouting. The one thing we know for sure is that anticipation can be a hunter’s best motivator.

Up to this point much of my pre-season preparation is done with only a few left over “to do’s”. With the black flies in full bloom, it can become a real chore going into the woods scouting deer, and checking my mock scrapes. But it must be done!

Having over 40 mock scrapes placed out strategically across the country I try to determine whichmock scrape kit deer lures ones are beginning to show some promise. Once I select a few, it’s time to set up trail   cameras. For those of you not familiar with such items, they are simply devices used to pattern, time, and photograph animals in the wild. There are many  brands or types that I’ve relied on over the years . The most important feature I want in a trail camera is trigger speed. Most all are  fully automatic digital cameras with a combined motion detector in them .

Once you’ve tried one of these little beauties, you’re going to be astounded at what pictures/video’s  they can capture. Often times I’m amazed at what trophy bucks are visiting the mock scrapes, “the picture will prove it”! The one pit fall with these devices is that they are expensive, selling between $200 to $500 per unit. Despite the cost, they are a great tool at the your disposal for monitoring trails, scrapes, Elk wallows, Bear baits etc. With the aid of various monitoring systems your able to select areas and animals of choice.I’ll start using these devices now and right through deer season monitoring as much activity and movement as possible. One word of caution- be careful about where you place your units, they’re thieves even in the woods!

Last but not least, I use the month of August to finish off the little things. As I reminisce about seasons past and dream about the season yet to come, I use the time to prepare my equipment. Here is a partial list of just a few things I get out of the way before the season begins. Remember from past articles that the only thing I want to concentrate on when the season opens is that Buck – not equipment or paper work.

Sharpen and oil all hunting and skinning knives, saws, etc Replace batteries in GPS units, Watches, Cameras, Flashlights, Scopes, Etc. WHETHER THEY NEED IT OR NOT! Site in all guns & purchase any ammo I may  need take truck in for tune up Take 4 wheeler in for tune up Take wife in for tune up. OOPS didn’t mean it! Fine tune and practice my bow- purchase any arrows, broad heads, or other necessities for it. Make sure my back packs contain the basic, rope, flashlights, first aid kit etc. Purchase licenses if possible this early and check any state regulations to make sure there weren’t any last minute changes. Try to contact all my out of state hunting arrangements, hotels, outfitters, area cold storages, butchers, etc.

August is what I consider the last month I have for finishing up my pre-season preparedness. Much of my planning in the next months will be centered on the animals I’ll be pursuing. Provided I’ve done my homework, and got all the little things out of the way, I can concentrate on one thing “the hunt.

See you next month


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