Making a Mock Scrape

April 4th, 2011

How to Make a Mock Scrape

Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit
True Odor Gland Scent Communicators
Simple – Quick – Effective

wear rubber gloves to make scrape

First and foremost – Use a quality Cover Scent, Scent Eliminator, Body Wash and Clothes Wash before entering the woods.

Second – Take along a pair of rubber gloves to apply the scent to the mock scrape.

Third – Wear your rubber boots into the woods.

This should be your minimum requirements any time your are entering the woods to make a mock scrape, to scout or to set up your tree stand.

fining a good location for scrape

Step 1)

Find a suitable site location or area to make your Mock Scrape.

This could be a well used deer trail (as Kevin Kishel shows you), a funnel that deer are using, a trail from the woods into their favorite corn field, etc.

Look for a tree near the trail with an over hanging branch, about 4 to 6 feet, above the ground in which you can make a mock scrape under.

Your pre season scouting should help you determine where to make your mock scrape.

Step 2)

Bring along your Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.
This kit includes Pre Orbital, Interdigital and Tarsal Musk.

Kevin is showing you that you can carry in your own dirt or use the dirt at the site.

Kishels mock scrape kit Dirt for the mock scrape
Creating the mock scrape Creating the mock scrape

Step 3)

Distribute the dirt in a circle about 2 feet in diameter.

Move the dirt around with a stick from the woods to imitate a scrape that a deer has made.

If you are making the scrape from the area – take a strong stick and rough up the area down to the dirt, removing the leaves – move the dirt around to imitate a deer’s scrape.

Step 4)

Applying the Tarsal Musk.

Remove the cap on the Tarsal Musk Gland Scent and apply 4 to 6 squirts inside the scrape.

(Refresh your scrape every 4 to 7 days)

Apply Tarsal Musk to mock scrape Tarsal Musk

Step 5)

Applying the Interdigital.

Remove the cap on the Interdigital Gland Scent and apply 1 to 2 squirts inside the scrape.

(Refresh your scrape every 4 to 7 days)

Applying Interdigital scent Applying interdigital gland scent Spraying the scrape

Step 6)

Applying the Pre Orbital.

Remove the cap on the Pre Orbital Gland Scent and apply 1 to 2 squirts onto an overhanging branch above the scrape.

(Refresh your scrape every 4 to 7 days)

reorbital gland scent Spraying Preorbital gland scent on tree Preorbital spray

The location of the mock scrape

Step 7)

Once again – Along this trail is where Kevin chose to make his Mock Scrape.

The scrape is across from him and to the right of the trail (not on the trail.)

As you can see he did not disturb the trail and he will not walk out of the woods on the deer trail when he leaves the area.

A successful mock scrape

“Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit – Result Proven Products”

This is the buck that Kevin Kishel took 
from the Mock Scrape that he made.

One Response to “Making a Mock Scrape”

  1. Tim Goller Says:

    Thanks Kevin and I will be up to see you soon again this year as I saw more deer this last year than I ever have during bow season! Like you say; the idea is to be scent free as you can and use kishels scents to call them in. I had deer come right up to me just sitting on a seat in the woods! I didn’t get the shot as I was facing the wrong way and they were just too close to me!

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