Cable Stake System

April 5th, 2011

Maximum Holding Power

Field Tested – Versatile – Light Weight

Kevin Kishel with trapped Coyote

For those of you not familiar with our Cable Staking System, the following is a step by step instructional for your education.

Unlike conventional re-rod or wood/plastic stakes, our cable stakes are durable, light weight anchoring devices for all kinds of outdoor use.

Your choice when maximum holding power is needed. Hunters, Trappers, Campers and Dog Trainers use them just about anywhere for a solid anchoring system.

Finding the Trap Location

Step 1)


Find a suitable trap site location or area.

Setting a trap

Step 2)


Prepare the trap bedding and attach the cable stake to the trap.

Step 3)


Insert the cable driver end into the cable stake and prepare to drive the cable stake into the ground.

Setting up a cable stake k9 trap driving in the cable stake

hammering the stake in


Step 4)


Begin to hammer the cable stake into the ground.

Step 5)


Hammer the cable stake down into the ground just until the top of the cable stake loop is above the ground.

Note: In heavy soils or rocky ground you do not have to drive the cable stake totally into the ground.

Many times you only have to only drive the cable stake half way into the ground, depending greatly on the soil type.

Then, just twist and lift to remove the driver.

Be sure to tug from your trap chain to lock the stake into the ground.

Cable stake driver k9 trap

finishing off the set


Step 6)


Finish off your set.

Apply Lures Apply trapping lures

Step 7)


Apply Lure and Get the Results!

Kishel’s Cable Stake System

Maximum Holding Power


k9 trap successful coyote trapping

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Kishel's cable stakes and driver

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