April 6th, 2011

Katch K9’s Kishel’s Style

The Dirt Hole Set

trapping coyote

Having traveled this great nation coast to coast, I would have to say that one of the most effective sets in a trapper’s “bag of tricks” for taking canines is what is called ‘The Dirt Hole Set.’

As we try to mimic the theory of that “dog that buried the bone,” The Dirt Hole Set, when presented correctly and in the right location can be deadly to K9’s and Cats.

Below, I illustrate exactly how it is done, my style. Despite all the variations to this set, I have found the most effective way to make this set work is to keep it simple.

Want to catch K9’s?

Try my technique!!
Kevin Kishel

finding a good site to trap a coyote


First find a suitable site location.

This varies from region to region, state to state.

Do some pre season scouting and line up as many areas that K9’s travel the most.

Get the odds in your favor trapping is a numbers game.

setting up the coyote lure

Set the Trap

Before I ever begin making a set, I like to set the trap and have it ready for bedding.

setting up a coyote trap



Layout your needed equipment.

Pictured here is:

My 3 in 1 Trapping Trowel
Trapper bag with lure
Cable Stake Driver
Kneeling Pad


preparing the trap


Prepare Trap Bed

Begin digging out the area to bed the trap.

I like to keep this bed the size of my trap and not much larger.

Keeping the dirt pattern small makes K9’s less suspicious when working the set.


Setting up a stake trap for a coyote


Stake Trap

Attach trap to staking system and drive into ground.

I prefer using our cable stakes – they have maximum holding power.


setting up a dirt hol set

Trap Bedding

Begin bedding your trap.

Be absolutely sure the trap is rock solid and does not move under the dirt.

Pack dirt solid around trap to keep it from movement.

Any movement that a K9 feels under his foot will make him leave.

Spend your time bedding that trap!

Trap Positioning

The positioning of the trap is extremely important in relation to the placement of the hole.

I like to determine my placement of the hole after my trap has been bedded.

Pictured here the re-rod stake is showing the hole position with my trap placed about 8-10″ back from the hole and slightly off center about 2 ½ “.

Hole is dug at about a 45° angle towards the trap.

Kevin Kishel setting up a canine trap  re rod stake

Covering the Trap

Begin sifting the dirt over the entire trap area.

Dirt hole trap Dirt hole trap Dirt hole trap

Crossbreed Lure Applied to dirt hole set


Apply Attractants

Finish your set off by placing Lure, Baits or Urines and/or a combination of them all on the backing and down into the hole.

Pictured here is our deadly
Crossbreed Call Lure.

Deadly on K9’s and Cats.

trapped coyote


Some Additional Pictures

dirt hole set

Finished Set
** Note Hole Size **
Keep the hole small, no more that a 1½” in diameter.
K9’s work the set better.

Dirt hol trap on game trail

Set Location
Dirt hole blended in near game trail, excellent location.

Katch K9’s Kishel’s Style

The Finished Dirt Hole


dirt hole set


  1. Jessie Southerland Says:

    great tips on trapping. why dont you have to camouflage where the trap is set other than just putting dirt over you ever use a dragg.

  2. michael durbin Says:

    How deep do you dig it? do you put grass on top of the dirt over the trap bed?

  3. Kishel Says:

    I would recommend you purchasing our Professional Canine Trapping DVD as this will give you a complete understanding and methods to making the dirt hole. you can view some of it on our YouTube page as well. Thank You

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