Spring Cleaning

May 16th, 2012

Kevin Kishel Turkey huntingWell hopefully by now we all have at least one long beard under our belt …. right?? Maybe I should reword that…”maybe by now all of us have at least one short beard under our belt”.

May is a great time to be in the woods sharing in all things that make up spring. I know its one of my favorite times of the year. There is just something real special about being part of the natural surroundings when it begins to come alive in the early mornings.

Besides being a great time for turkey hunting it’s also a time of the year to get all my hunting clothes prepared. Before you know it, deer season will be upon us. My wife likes it too, because I begin to work through those piles of camo lying all over the basement floor from last fall. To some this may sound elementary, but its great to get the little things out of the way long before a season opens.

SORT: First thing I do is sort through all my camo. Separating camo patterns, heavy weight clothing from light weight clothing, hats, gloves, vests, socks, shirts etc .etc .etc. It seems over the years I’ve accumulated a wealth of hunting apparel, I suppose you could call me a coinsure of hunting clothes!

WASH: After sorting through the mounds of clothes, its time to begin washing out all the grime and debris. Before doing so, make sure to check out all the pockets – there is no telling what may had been left in there from last season. I recently found a nicely washed $100 I didn’t know about. Next turn all your camo inside out, this will aide in preserving the pattern itself. After many washings camo tends to fade and by turning it inside out it will help in slowing down this process. Many of the camo patterns on the market today are meant to catch the consumers eye, be very careful to choose a pattern that will match the surrounding you’ll be hunting in. The wide-open pattern of sticks and leaves blends into so many surroundings, making it an easy choice for so many hunting situations. Be sure to wash your clothes in a quality clothes wash that doesn’t contain any brighteners, better yet make sure the soap you use contains a UV killer to help offset the dyes and brighteners already in Hunting and Trapping clothingthe clothing.

AIR DRY: Once you’ve washed all your clothing be sure to dry them by hanging outside. If I know nice weather is coming I’ll’ let my clothes air dry for days or until my wife gets tired of see them hanging on her clothes line. Again be sure to have them still turned inside out. We wouldn’t’ want the sun bleaching them.

STORAGE: Time to stow it away! After everything is dried and aired, I turn everything right side out. Carefully fold everything and place into airtight containers, Rubbermaid works best for me. Make sure to label each according to the contents, example1) socks, hats, gloves, facemasks, long underwear. Example 2) lightweight skyline cBin full of hunting clothingamo, shirts, pants. Before the lid is shut I’ll mist into the container a liberal dose of a quality cover scent that smells like the woods. Some people like to use natural leaves, pine etc. and that’s fine, however a good earth smelling odor will do the same and its easier to work with.

So now when the season opens you won’t be scrabbling around to find your favorite camo and clothes for hunting. Better yet your time and energy can be spent a field scouting and setting up tree stands. The little bit of effort you put out today, will take away your headaches tomorrow. Your 1 step closer to preparedness!

See you next month, be safe and good luck on the long beard!


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