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June 11th, 2012

As a young man back in the day….I relied heavily on the fur check I received for animals I caught trapping. Trapping in those days was very competitive, so using the right trapping lure was a must. I needed to catch the most animals in the least amount of time if I wanted to make any money. Yes, it took “know how” and quality trapping supplies, but a lot of other trappers possessed those qualities, also.

Using the right attractor was simply necessary. Truth is, if I had to rely on just animal urine as an attractor to make my Fox and Coyote catches around the country, I would have been out of the trapping game long ago. Instead I needed to formulate lures which would convince the animals to work my trap sites first. I had to not only convince them, but also entice them to the point they actually started digging, licking or biting for its odor. The idea was that, the longer the animal (Fox, coyote, coon, etc ) stayed at the trap site the better chance I had to catch them.

I carried this theory of lure making into my big game attractors like Elk lures, Deer Scents etc. Most urines I use for hunting is minimal at best. I prefer to use urines in real or mock scrapes and also by misting them directly from my tree stand. If I find an Elk wallow, I love to pour urine right into it, then wait. It’s important to note that urine collected from “grazing” animals (Deer, Elk, Cow, etc.) is much different from that of Fox, Coyote, etc. Urine from grazing animals lacks “body” that urine from meat eating animals, such as Fox and Coyote contain. This body is usually associated to the extent of protein or amino acid in the urine itself. Pure (clean) unadulterated animal urine, though mostly water, has a significant amount of amino and solids.

Diet, age and control of impurities determine the quality of any urine. It seems today that most of the information on Doe Urines or Deer Scents is written by those seeking a fast buck or self recognition , so be careful when purchasing your animal urines, and buy direct from a respected scent MFG.. KISHEL’S URINES ARE HIGH IN QUALITY, CLEAN OF IMPURITIES, BOTTLED FRESH AND FULL STRENGTH! You will not find any better quality urines on the market than what we sell here at Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents and Lures Inc. Be sure to “like” us on facebook and get up to date information on all our products.

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