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Craig Koepke

Craig Koepke has been fishing the southern end of lake michigan for 30 years. He started trolling the lake with family and friends and started being a first mate in the summer of 1989. During his college years he was up and down the local tributaries any chance that he got. This led into being one of the first creek guides in the area. He bought his first lake boat in 1997, a 19 ‘ Bayliner. He fished thus boat from St. Joe Michigan to chicago, IL. In 2009 he received his 6 pack Captains license and ran charters thru 2014, he now is the president of the Hoosier Coho club and fishes around 14 tournaments a year. Craig is a very avid deer hunter, both using a bow and a muzzleloader. He normally hunts 60 days a season.




Lucas Falkner

I have been lucky enough to be a Rochester firefighter since 2000 and an outdoorsman for 24 years now. I started as a young boy and I can remember going duck hunting, fishing, and even watching my dad deer hunt, which really started my passion and respect for the outdoors. My entire family has taught me different types of outdoor sports throughout the years from trolling for monster salmon to taking almost every type of small and big game available. I am always trying new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

I have taken all that I have learned and turned that into a business, as well as a passion. In 2009, I started Make the Turn Charters (maketheturncharters.com) which is a trophy trout and salmon business on Lake Ontario. This success turned into a sport fishing team which has won numerous prizes throughout the years. I was fortunate enough to perfect my hunting of whitetails, taking a NYS record buck in 2011.

I am thankful to start teaching my kids Aiden (5) and Olivia(3), how to fish and hunt and I am always looking to help a fellow sportsman out.


Jack Coad

Jack Coad has been an avid bow hunter since 1992. Jack has been hunting since he was 14 years old, but never considered himself a true hunter until he picked up his first bow. Jack has recently retired after 27 years as a Federal Agent and is currently working with Elite Archery as the Director of Promotions. He enjoys the outdoors and uses any reason he can to get back to nature. Jack has taken numerous whitetail deer, black bear, predators and wild turkeys with archery equipment and is looking forward to his first elk with the bow. This type of hunting means that Jack has to get close to his prey. He is constantly utilizing the wind to his advantage; paying close attention to the terrain, wind currents and thermals. As an archery hunter, Jack has learned that in order to be a successful archer that he must practice total scent elimination. This includes not only being as clean and scent free as he can, but also keeping all of his hunting equipment clean and scent free. Jack is constantly practicing proper scent control before, during and after the hunt. Jack is a Hunter Safety and Bow Certification Instructor for the state of New York. He specializes in introducing children and women to the outdoors. Jack has been an active instructor for numerous NWTF “Jake Days” and “Women–In-The–Outdoors” events in the Western NY and Canadian areas. Jack has five children. He is looking forward to introducing his grandchildren to the outdoor world as soon as their parents will allow. Jack is extremely thankful for his family and their sometimes reluctant patience with his passion. He knows that the most important thing in life is family. He could not have done it without them and credits his family with the success in his life endeavors.

  • New York State Hunter Safety Instructor/New York State Archery Hunting Instructor. Firearms and archery instructor.
  • Hunting Expert pro-staffing with national prominent hunting companies and manufacturers
  • Seminar Speaker presenting numerous seminars on big game hunting. Participant and judge in regional NWTF Turkey Calling Contests.
  • Specializing in introducing youth, women and first time enthusiasts to the wonderful tradition of hunting.
  • Big and small game archery hunter. Hunting whitetail, black bear, elk, moose, hogs and turkey.
  • SCI and NAHC Member
  • IBO member and tournament competitor.
  • Father of five kids and grandfather to eight grandchildren – the next generation lives on!
  • Director of Promotions for Elite Archery
  • Retired from Law Enforcement

Todd Imiola

Todd Imiola buck hunting

Todd brings in a wealth of experience and knowledge of the outdoors. Having spent the last 24 years in the woods and field, Todd knows firsthand that a quality scent can make the difference between success and failure. Growing up in Western, New York and still residing there, he hunts turkey, deer, small game and waterfowl annually near his home. His passion for the sport has led him to hunt numerous states (13 to be exact) around the country and parts of Canada with bow in hand with good success.

Todd Imiola using deer scents
Todd also serves as pro staff for Primos Hunting Calls, Elite Archery, Spot-Hogg Sights, Tight Spot Quivers, Antler King and Easton Arrows just to name a few. He also scores deer for The Northeast Big Buck Club, and writes numerous other hunting articles as a freelance writer. He can be seen conducting various seminars and in store events all through the area and even national. In addition he has taken numerous Pope and Young animals and a couple Booners to his credit. If it’s hunting season you can be assured he’ll be perched in a tree somewhere.

Todd Imiola Todd Imiola bow hunting
Todd Imiola buck


Todd Imiola buck caught with deer hunting scents

2009 Buck – Canada

Todd Imiola bearTodd took this bear using Kishel’s Bear Scent with a bow.
This 375 – 400 pound bear in Ontario, Canada was 6′ 4″ from nose to tail.

2005 – New York

Todd buck Hunting
kids in truck after trapping turkey hunting

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