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Corey Wiktor

corry pic 1I have been very fortunate and very blessed to have a Father who has taken me out hunting since I was literally able to walk! Without question, my restlessness cost my Dad more than a few deer in my younger years, but never once did it bother him nor detour him from taking me every time he went afield! He showed me the Great Outdoors and all of God’s amazing creations, and introduced me to my deepest “love” and passion in the outdoors, the Whitetail Deer!

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No other animal gets my adrenaline and blood flowing like the Whitetail Deer! I have been lucky enough to hunt deer in famed Pike and also Adams County Illinois, to the steep hardwoods of Pennsylvania and to the majestic Texas Hill Country. My love and passion for shed hunting has taken me to states of Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas and to the great Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, all of these hunts and travels have all been deeply cherished….however, what still ranks as the “top” area for me to study, scout and chase Whitetails, is right here in my home state of New York! There is nothing like hunting deer with close friends and family and sharing the times and experiences with them! Having harvested several Pope and Young Deer and a few net Boone & Crockett Deer, has certainly been highlights of my hunting “career” thus far, but now what means more to me than a rack or score, are the times spent together afield, no matter if its July or November.

Working in Cattaraugus County provides me the great opportunity to be in and around my favorite haunts, literally year round. Scouting and planning are what we do 365 days a year when it comes to deer and deer hunting. As my saying goes “Whitetail season is year round for us, the only thing that changes are when we can hunt them”. Whether its snowshoeing in the winter months to assess how the local herd is doing, to the countless miles and hours of shed hunting, food plot work, tree stand placement/movement, setting up trail camera’s, freshening up our Kishel’s mock scrapes, long distance summer “glassing”, studying aerial maps, etc. it never stops for us with trying to figure out that big, majestic buck. Whether we are on our own land or the many leases we have, the thirst for Whitetail knowledge never ends, and sharing these experiences with my Dad and good friends is the icing on the cake!

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Having used Kishel’s products for 15+ years, I can attest that Kevin’s products have certainly led to many tags being filled, many high fives and more importantly, many cherished memories afield. As Kevin states “Get to know your lure maker” and without question he has always been there to answer a question, offer some tips and tactics and to always listen to his customer to continue to refine and improve the best hunting products out on the market. How do you beat that?!?!

I am a strong believer in giving back to the Community. When not at work or afield, I am active in the Red Cross (Southwestern Chapter), United Way of Cattaraugus County, the Greater Olean YMCA, Cattaraugus Community Action and CaRe’s Inc. I am also an active volunteer for the Great Rochester Southern Tier QDMA and also a member of the Lackawanna Conservation Club, an organization that my Grandfather help founded in 1951! I also volunteer to at Tift Nature Preserve in Buffalo, New York.

Without the support of my lovely wife Christine, who understands and accepts my time and dedication to deer and deer hunting, none of this would mean as much. She is always there to help move camera’s, freshen scrapes up, is always up for a walk in the timber, and shows a genuine interest in what some consider a hobby, while I consider it a way of life. God willingly, one day I will be able to introduce the Great Outdoors to our children and give back what my Dad instilled in me at a very young age.

It is with great honor and pleasure to be part of the Kishel’s team!

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