Kishel's trapping lures

Tailor Made Seminars: Full of exclusive Hunting and Trapping Tips

Kishel's trapping lures


Kevin Kishel teaching a seminar on trapping tips – Conducted by Kevin Kishel -Over the years I have had the opportunity to lecture numerous profit and non profit organizations such as universities, churches, sporting shops, trade shows, and trapping/hunting events just to name a few. One thing they all had in common was their thirst for straight ‘hands on’ knowledge of the outdoors.
At my seminars, you will not find a lot of fluff or sugar coated sales pitches, but rather facts, techniques, trapping tips and tricks never before seen or ever offered to the public. Best yet, each of the seminars are backed with raw quality video footage and presented in power point format. You won’t find my seminar information in any mass produced videos, books or magazine editorials, just at the seminars. Each seminar is Tailor Made to meet the needs of the attending group, (NO CANNED SPEECHES), all you need to do is call and we can arrange the topics of choice and cost. What do you have to lose? Below are just a few of the topics in my seminars available. Call today for additional information.


‘Scents for Success’

Kishel's trapping lures

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Kishel's trapping lures

Topics Include:

CANINE TRAPPING: This seminar takes a first hand look from a canine’s perspective and you learn the trapping tips and tricks that put fur in the shed. Learn some of the most effective sets for taking canines in numbers, preseason planning, trap line management, equipment selection and trap tuning, baits and trapping lures usage, pre baiting, getting land permission, remakes, locating coyotes and much, much more. Plus, a Special Bonus Section on Predator Calling, see and hear the calls I use for taking predators and hear the sounds that keep them coming.
(Seminar time: Approx. 2 hours)

Kevin Kishel with a large Turkey

Kevin Kishel hunting a Turkey

Turkey Hunting:Turkey Seminars

Those that have known me over the years, know my extreme passion for hunting Spring Gobblers. I’ll pass onto you over thirty years of experience chasing these magnificent birds and share with you some advanced techniques. Each seminar is jam-packed with real life footage and all the tips and tricks needed to fool them.

Learn behavior & habits, scouting techniques, dealing with pressured birds, late day gobblers, roosting birds, locating birds, learn how to call with rhythm and tone, see and hear my choice of turkey calls and why. Camouflage selections and much more.

(Seminar time: Approx. 2 hours)

Creating a Mock scrap with Kishels trapping lures

Trapping Lures

Effective Use of Scents and Lures:

This is a must attend seminar if there ever was one! You’re going to learn the ABC’s of these products and their proper use. Ill share with you advanced tips for using hunting and trapping lures from over 35 years experience in the field. You will walk away from this seminar with the most advanced understanding of animal lures and scents and how to use them most effectively. You are going to learn how to communicate to animals with smells. These are the same techniques I’ve used to hunt and trap some of my best catches!

(Seminar time: Approx. 2 hours)

Kevin Kishel hunting whitetail Whitetail Hunting:Two of the most well spent informative hours on Whitetail Buck hunting! I have had the great opportunity to harvest my share of whitetails over the years, and I’m going to share with you just how to think like a Whitetail Buck! Literally! The amount of information you are going to receive in this seminar will not fit in a novel. You will be getting a video packed, factual lecture, learning all my tips and tricks to “consistently” bag Big Bucks! This seminar is without a doubt the first of its kind. Enough said .…

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