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Tell us about your success and your favorite Kishel’s hunting products used!

man with large buck man hunting large buck
large buck hunting man with monster buck
 monster buck with man and camera  Buck caught using kishels hunting products
 deer hunting  large buck caught with hunting products
buck large antlers buck large antlers 10 point
8 point buck shot using Kishels Mock Scape kit
Mike Smith – Butler PA
8 Point shot over a Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.
Buck shot using Buck Thrasher II Hunting products
Bill Smith – Butler PA
Shot using Buck Thrasher II.
deer caught with spiked deer urine
The ‘SPIKED DEER URINE’you gave me stopped this big boy dead in his tracks for a broadside 20 yard shot.Deven Woodworth

Monster 14 point buck caught using hunting products

Hi…Shot this 14 point yesterday, 11-22, using Buck Thrasher II.
Bought 2 more bottles today for shotgun.Bill Bartle
Arkport, NY

Large buck

Once again, thanks for the great Doe in Estrus Urine. This buck was running a doe hard Sunday evening. He pushed her across a two track right to me. She hit my scent wick and stopped. At this time the buck also hung up about 20yds back. As she started to move off he once again started the chase. Two quick grunts to stop him, a well placed shot and it was over.

Long time believer,
Ben Weber …. Grand Rapids, MI

hunting tree camera hunting tree camera 2 hunting tree camera 3
hunting tree camera 4 These photos are from a Tree Cam in Butler, Pa in November 2009. Over all, I had 12 bucks hitting these scrapes with 8 of them 14″ or better and a couple of monsters. NOTE: The photo on the left is Tom’s 8 point buck alive. He is a beauty as well.
The scrape was made with Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.Great Product
Aaron Steinheiser – Butler, PA
hunting tree camera 5 hunting tree camera 6 hunting tree camera 7

deer caught with Kishels Mock Scrape kit

(The one that did not get away from Kishel’s Mock Scrape!)

Tom Rodgers
8 Point
Butler, PA

large buck caught by hunter

Kevin, attached is a photo of my
Cattaraugus Co. NY
9 pt. buck – shot on opening day while using Goldenrod Cover Scent!

Paul Lazarus

deer caught with kishels

7 Point taken – Butler, PA
Mike Smith

Mike consistently takes a deer year after year using Kishel’s Scents & Lures hunting products.

deer caught with mock scrape kit 1 deer caught with mock scrape kit 2 Jim was hunting at Southern Ohio OutfittersPicture on the right is a tree cam of this buck
coming into Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.Jim Painter – Buck

deer shot with bow

Kevin … Just wanted to thank you for your quality hunting products. I took my best buck in 37 years of archery hunting using Kishel’s Doe in Estrus.

I had the buck scored last week after the sixty day drying period and scored 125 1/8, my first entry in Pope and Young.

Gordon Sprague
Windsor, NY

First time using Kishels Hunting Products

I wanted to share a quick testimonial about your product and success I had with it last year, I’ve been hunting whitetail for 36 years now & never shot a buck with any lures/scents until last year when I used your product.

The date was Oct.29,09 When I went to into my stand in the morning I used a drag with Buck Thrasher 1 and hung some wicks with Doe Passion around my stand, a young 8 point probably a 1 & 1/2year old came in his nose went straight to the ground when he crossed my drag trail and he stopped at 5 yards broadside in front of me, you could tell his senses were going wild looking for the deer that was there. I decided to go back to camp & return early afternoon, When I returned I decided to put another drag trail down, I used the same drag and spiced it up with some Buck Thrasher 2 that I had left over from earlier season, I had a 132″ P&Y buck come in, his nose went straight to the ground like the younger buck & stood facing me for 5 minutes looking behind me for that deer, as he was leaving he picked up the scent on one of the wicks at about 5 yards his nose pointed right to it i grunted he never made it to the wick, my arrow found its spot double lung he expired within 40 yds.

I’ve been recommending your hunting product to all of my friends and it will definitely be in my arsenal for this years archery season. Thank You for making my season one I won’t forget. Jeff Suter


Charlie Snyder
NY – 8 point

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