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7 point buck

Jeff, I took this 7 point buck last night at 25 ft. Actually he tracked me right to my tree. He followed my drag like a hound on a rabbit. Luckily another smaller buck came and this buck made a bluff charge which got him out from under me. He stopped at about 7 paces. Thanks for getting my Doe in Estrus to me.

It worked like a champ …
Ben Weber – Grand Rapids, MI 49546

woman catching 8 point buck

Dear Rhonda & Kevin,

My husband works at Whitetail Country Sports World in Olean, NY. He brought home a few of your products that he purchased from the store. I thought I would give them a try while he went to work the next day. I went hunting at about 1:30p.m. I took a scent drag with Kishel’s Buck Thrasher II on it, and another drag with Kishel’s Doe in Estrus on it. I dragged them behind me, one in each hand. I did three separate drags this way, and then headed up my tree stand. I sat there until about an hour before dusk. Suddenly, does came from everywhere!!! Two from the South, three from the North and four from the West!!!! I’d never had that many deer come in at the same time on our property since we’ve owned it, and that’s been for over 17 years!!! I know we put a food plot in this year, but listen to this. After trying to decide which doe I was going to take, I caught sight of movement to my left. I glanced over to see a HUGE 8 point coming in with his nose to the ground right on the scent trail. He followed that trail until he was 25 yards in front of me…..end of story!!! Pictures tell the rest!!!!!

Thanks for such a great hunting product!!!!
A sincere believer in Kishel’s ….. Sue Koch

large deer

To Kishels

I have been using Kishel’s scents for the last 3 years. This year I harvested my second best buck ever using Doe in Estrus Urine on a drag. Once I got to my stand location I made a figure 8 with the drag about 20 yards from the stand. I then hung the drag on a limb along with 3 wick’s of Doe Passion. every 10 yards in my shooting lane. Around 8AM on a VERY rainy Saturday morning (Oct 27 2007) this buck came in to the shooting lane. looking for that hot doe he “thought” was there. Thanks to your GREAT hunting products he is now at the Taxidermist. His neck measured 22″ under the ears and 27″ at base of neck. We haven’t had him scored yet but I am sure he is bound for Pope and Young.

Steve Cononie – Germantown, MD

Bob Kishel

Bob Kishel
Holland, NY
2007 Archery
6 point
using Doe Passion


Dear Kishel’s …. For a second year in a row I am writing in support of your product lines. They say proof is in the pudding but the past two years proof has been on the ground. On November 11 I was hunting in Kentucky with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. There was a front moving in that afternoon and deer activity was high. I hung several of your “Dave’s Pop Up Scent Dispensers along filled with your “Buck in Rut” and “Doe in Estrus” urine. There were several other winter wheat fields on the farm that I was hunting and I truly believe that the lures I placed out that evening played a factor in why this bruiser choose to show himself in the field I was hunting at Dusk.

Hunting free ranging whitetails is difficult and I am glad that I am equipped with your products. This is my best buck to-date as he had 16 scoreable points and grossed scored over 200 inches. When it comes to hunting I am obsessive and very attentive to details and I am glad a lure manufacturer such as Kishel’s feels the same way.

Best Regards …. Gary Helmuth …. Scottsville, Virginia

Deer caught with doe passion

…. I got a buck on Friday. Not the 10 point that I was after, But still a nice a buck. Doe Passion and a bleat call and he came right in. Mike Smith – PA Archery

Quality You Can Trust … Consistency You Can Count On …. And That is what you get with Kishel’s Scents & Lures hunting products …. Mike bags another buck in PA year after year on Doe Passion

Large buck caught

Paul Kishel – Still doing what he does best – Luring Up Monster Bucks!!
NY Gun Season – 8 point –
Paul shot this deer using Buck Thrasher

deer caught with deer luresKevin …. I just wanted to thank you for making the best buck hunting lure’s in the country. I have tried every scent ever made and spent enough money to buy a 2 new bows. In my pursuit of the best lure made I was pointed in your direction by a trapper. I purchased a bottle of “Buck thrasher II” in the fall of 2006. I used it harvest a nice 150 lb 7 point buck with my bow on December 11th 2006 in NH. This year I tried your “Doe Estrus urine” in NY. And on October 29th, 3 days into the hunt this 185 lb 10 point buck came running when he hit the scent stream. He was the 9th buck I had seen in three days. I hunted 5 days total and saw 19 bucks using both the Doe Estrus and the buck thrasher. These are without a doubt the best deer products I have ever used.

And I am sure that I will have the same results next year.

Thank you again – Kelly Brough – Gilmanton Iron Works NH

Brain Slamecka with buckBrain Slamecka – PA Archery – 8 point
Brian said the buck came in on Buck Thrasher II and Doe Passion. The Buck would not take his nose off of the ground.
Jason Delano with 8 pointJason Delano – Butler, PA
8 Point
Taken with Doe In Estrus Urine
man with large buckCharlie Crouchman small buck caughtJohn Hahn
buck caught with kishels luresJoe Schmid Ken Eberle huntingKen Eberle
Tom Weiczorek and buckTom Weiczorek hunting deerDan Viapiano
deer huntingKen White
Kishel’s Pro Staffer
deer hunting in woodsRick Davidson
buckJohn Yely

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