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Whitetail deer

Buck was taken during the rut in Southeastern Pa. He was lured in with Buck Thrasher I.
A 20 yard shot took him down. He’s a nine point roughly 150″ and weighed in over 200 lbs. The Golden Rod cover scent kept him from detecting my scent.

Greg Yarbrough –
Kishel’s ProStaffer

Bob Kishel 7 pointBob Kishel
7 point
NY – Gun
Bob is Kevin’s brotherBob gets a buck every year using Kishel’s hunting Products.
Brian Kishel buck caught with kishels productsBrian Kishel
8 point
NY – Gun
This is Bob Kishel’s son, Brian, who consistently gets a deer and uses Kishel’s Deer Products.

monster buck

I wanted to write and provide you with positive feedback on one of your product lines that I used this year with great success. On November 12 I was hunting in Kentucky when at dusk I saw this monster heading out of his river bottom bed. He was traveling in the opposite direction until a few grunts and the scent of your “Doe Passion” caught his attention and caused him to change direction and come in for further inspection, big mistake.

This is my best buck to-date as he had 18 scorable points and gross scored 184. This 300 lb, 6.5 year old nocturnal buck had survived many a hunting season and I know without a doubt that your product helped seal the deal. I truly am convinced that if a deer hunter uses the right combination of your scents at the appropriate time of the year, it can be a tremendous difference maker. Thanks again and for your attention to detail and not settling for second best ….

Gary Helmuth – Scottsville, VA

buck hunting

…. Well there is nothing more to say, but thank you

Bruce Kowalski – South Wales, NY – Gun

He and his family are big users of Kishel products

tree cam shot

This is a tree cam photo sent in by Mike Smith of a Mock Scrape he made this season …. Mike said, ” I made the mock scrape and these 3 buck just took it over … PS – Mike shot an 8 point on 11/3/06 at this scrape.

Mike Smith – PA – Archery

buck on tree cam

Kevin … Check out this decent buck. My buddy and I set up a trail-cam and got this buck standing right in the scrape made with Kishel’s Scrape Kit. This is one of several we have coming into this scrape. We’re seeing a lot of deer and having amazing results with your hunting products like Toe Musk, Buck-Thrasher II and Mock Scrape Kit.

Greg Yarbrough – Kishel’s Pro Staff – October 2006

buck caught with buck thrasher hunting products

I just wanted to tell you about my experience with Buck Thrasher II. One evening on stand I had placed Buck Thrasher II on a scent wick 90 degrees to my right, and 80 to 90 yards out. I had also poured a bag of Buck Bran on the ground directly in front of me straight out at 100 yards. The wind direction was carrying the Buck Thrasher II scent straight to the Buck Bran pile. A ten point mature buck approached the Buck Bran, and he only ate a couple of bites before the scent of the Buck Thrasher II pulled him away from the pile. He walked 80 yards towards the scent, and kept tipping his nose up in the air smelling that smell that made him so curious. The scent had brought him all the way from 100 yards out, and allowed me to make a 25 yard broadside shot. He’s hanging on the wall now. Buck Thrasher II is my first Kishel’s scent, and it is the only scent I have had a good experience with, but I just got some of Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit, and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for an outstanding hunting product. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Schirmer – Indiana

large buck

Kevin …. I shot this buck in Chester County Pa. at approx. 4:30 pm of our opening day of firearms season this year. He was about 180 lbs. The wind was in his favor as he was getting a nose full of your Doe Passion product. The Golden Rod Cover Scent kept him and numerous other deer that I had seen throughout the day from detecting me, from downwind.
Awesome products!!

Greg Yarbrough – PA – 8 pt

Sid Bream deer hunting

Sid Bream
Zelienople, PA
10 point using our Doe in Estrus product.

Sid played major league baseball from 1986-1994. He had played on four teams during his career: Dodgers, Pirates, Braves & Astros.

15 point buckConnecticut State Record – Rifle
Jesse Brennan – Score 178 3/8″ – Class 15 point
Jesse used Kishel’s Doe in Estrus Urine
11 point buckJason Delano – Pennsylvania
11 Point Buck taken in Ohio
Using ‘Kishel’s Buck In Rut Urine’
large monster buck“Monster Buck Shot – Buck Thrasher II”
Ravlin Hill Archery – New York
11 point buck caught with KishelsLevi Mason – Illinois
11 point taken using – Golden Rod Cover Scent

first buck with Buck thrasher II

1st Buck- 8 point
Christina Gray – Ephrata, PA
Gun season
Lured in with Buck Thrasher II


Best day this year so far was last night. Seven does a mid sized seven point that was showing a lot of frustration. He surprised me. Heard him grunting long before I got to see him. Ran the does around for about five minuets. Watched him run two buck fawns like they were in heat. He made two scrapes and left. Does came back to eating acorns.

Monster Buck showed up then. Stayed a little too far away. Never chased a doe. Wondered off then when it was time to get down he showed up again. Worked the scrapes the seven point worked and hung around way after dark.
The picture I sent you that you have on Kishel’s web site this year. That scrape is twenty yards from my stand. The big boy worked the crap out of it last night while I sat there in the dark watching him. Puts a quiver in my liver to see a buck do that.
He won the card game last night. But I have his number.

Mike Smith – Pennsylvania

Mike Smith deer

Just letting you know that last year was the first year I used your scent and I had a great year in Illinois. Attached is a picture of a 156″ buck taken from a drag line using your “Doe In Estrus” scent. Thanks and I will be ordering another gallon of that hunting product this year.

Eric SchumberIllinois

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