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Large buck Darren Dye

Darren Dye
Mgr. Cabela’s in Wheeling, WV
Buck taken during Ohio Archery

16 point buck Colden NY

This 16 point buck was taken on opening day 11.22.2004 in Colden, NY (Erie county) western NY – using Thrasher II ….
Mike Osinski ……Satisfied Customer – Green score 175.5

9 point

Hoot’s Buck – NY
Kevin, well your scents did the trick for me again. On wed nov.10th at 9:45 am this big buck got wind of your buck thrasher II and and some doe passion. He came in down wind but your golden rod cover scent product worked well. This buck was shot in the town of Concord, NY. His gross green score is 136 2/8, net green score 128 3/8. He has 10 in. G3 pt on left side he is a 9 pointer. Thanks – ‘Hoot’ Chris Gerling

buck caught with Kishels lures

Mike Smith – PA
Fall 2004 – 8 point – 20″ spread. Was the 5th buck I brought in tonight using Doe Passion & Buck Thrasher II. This buck is the fifth that I have taken with Kishel’s.

caught with Doe in Estrus10 pt 12/11/04 Gun – NY
Doe In Estrus Urine
Bob Weld
John Jenkins with buckJohn Jenkins- WI
with “off the wall” buck taken using Kishel’s Scents & Lures
buck shot using Kishels hunting productsAustin Dunning – NY 17 yrs old
Shot using Kishel’s Scents & Lures
buck caught with doe urineMike Drake – WI Archery Season
using our Doe In Estrus Urine and Pro Shield. Mike said it: “This Buck came in on a dead run for Kishel’s Doe Estrus Urine.”

buck shot in woods

I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but I saw more deer this past season then I had in the past few years. This was the first year that I used Kishel’s hunting product Buck Thrasher II by the way and what a season I had, (see attached picture). The day I am talking about is one I will never forget. I had been on stand about 1 1/2 hrs. watching over a deer run when I saw movement to my left. As I looked closer I saw a black bear walking towards me. I didn’t expect this scent to attract bears but she came right to it or attempted to come to the scent. She came in at 30 yards and turned broadside, this was close enough for me as I let my arrow fly. After the arrow hit she growled and took off. My nerves started to kick into over drive at this point so I sat down to get myself back together. My watch at this point read 7:30am. I waited about 30 minutes before I decided to get down and start the search. As I turned in my stand to lower my bow, I noticed two deer moving towards my Buck Thrasher II scent bombs. The second of the two was a spike horn buck. I had yet to take a buck with my bow. They moved just off to my right when I launched an arrow, hitting the spike just behind the front shoulder. Now talk about shaking legs. My whole body was shaking now. I had to wait another 20 minutes before I could climb down. I finally recovered both trophies and took a ton of pictures. I don’t know too many people who have shot a bear and a deer in the same day, with a bow none the less and only 30 minutes apart. Call it luck or skill, but I believe by the way those animals came in that morning of Oct. 5, 2003, that the Buck Thrasher II had a large part in this day. Thank you & I look forward to using your product this year.

Doug DeGarff

bow caught in PA

Ron Shoup & Bryan Shoup (17 yrs. old)

I have some hunters at work that I am trying to get to use your products. With the deer I have harvest in the last two years with your products, I might just have a few to try them. So send a few extra and I will give the catalogs to them. Well I am hoping next year I have a nicer buck for you. I was after a nice 10 in PA last year. I got within 50 yards of him with the bow. He was in the 20″+ spread. I am on the lease land (750 acres) and we now have had it for three years, so I am learning my bow sets up a little better each year. My NYS bucks with the shotgun were taken at the Allegany State Park Area. Take care and I really am sold on your hunting products. I also will give a word on the Women Who Hunt where I am a moderator for the site for bow hunting.

large buck
Kevin, ….. ” Your Doe urine worked so good I bought a gallon and used it for the last 2 years in my hunting spots. I sprayed it all around my stands or blinds and within a day seen more deer in two years than 15 years of hunting! It attracts Does, Bucks, especially Bucks, little bucks and big bucks. In 1999 I dropped a nice 7 pointer that dressed at 160 lbs, in 2000 in the same spot with my bow I dropped a nice 11 pointer that dressed at 200 lbs. Ct is very pressured with hunters, so most scents don’t work, but your Doe Urine fools the Does & Bucks every time, even covers my scent. Brings in dominant Bucks every time no matter how much pressure there is. It works like a magnet! I highly recommend your Doe urine and Kishel’s line of lures.”

Steven Carpentier, Meriden

buck caught with bowKevin ….. Here is a picture of my eight point I got on opening day. I was using a homemade Osage orange self bow handcrafted by my son Bobby Ewing. I was also using cedar arrows and some of your REGULAR DOE URINE.Bob Ewing Sr. – Ellwood City, PA 7 point caught by Bob KishelBob Kishel
NY – Gun – 7 point
Buck caught using Kishels hunting products and lures Kevin …. I wanted to drop you a note letting you know of the success I had this year using your products. Your Mock Scrape Kitis awesome.I started using it in early to mid October and had deer at my scrape every 24 – 48 hours. This continued until the opening day of New Hampshire rifle season when I finally shot this 149 lb. – 7 pointer. He was the fourth different buck I had seen in four days of hunting, which is hard to do in Northern New England. This was the 3rd buck I’ve shot using Doe In Estrus, Buck In Rut, Buck Thrasher II and your Mock Scrap Kitin combination of each other. This combination kept deer in my hunting areas for weeks at a time until they finally made a mistake. Thanks again for such a quality line of hunting products. Jeff Graham – Strafford, NH

Hey Kevin and Family, just wanted to see how you guys were doing this deer season. Once again it was an eventful season for me in Michigan. I used your doe and buck urines with much success during the bow-season but didn’t harvest a buck yet. Our weather for most of the bow-season was very warm with wet and windy conditions. On one occasion in early November, I made a mock scrape using your Estrus Doe Urine and Dominant Buck Urine. I thought the mock-scrape was 15 yards in front of me but come to find out was about 40 yards to my side (things look different in the dark) I had a nice 7-pt followed by a smaller buck come in early that morning. I remember looking for that mock scrape all morning before the deer approached. When the 7-point came in he immediately came into the mock-scrape (40 yards away) and urinated into it. There was a lot of brush between me and the deer and I chose not to take the shot. I closed my eyes in the disappointment for the mistake I had just made. Because of the confidence I have with your product, I know if that scrape was closer, I would have venison in the freezer. I was a thrill though to have your product come through for me. Success isn’t based on killing but bringing deer into range for a good shot. Thanks again for the sweatshirt, guys at work ask me about Kishel’s and I always show them the catalogs!!

I hope you have an successful season,
Mark Heidema Holland, MI

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