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buck caught with goldenrod cover scentDan Dietzen – NY Archery
using our Doe In Estrus Urine and Goldenrod Cover Scent.
turkey huntingFrank Miskey

Large buck batavia ny

Kevin, Your hunting product was a contributing factor to my bow hunting success in 2003.
Details: Typical white-tailed Alleghany County, NY, 11/03
Final Score – 141-4 pursuant to New York State Big Buck Club.
Larry Smith – Batavia, NY


7 point first buck

This is my 12 year old cousin with his First Buck. A very healthy 7pt. taken with the help of Buck Thrasher II …..
Thank you Kishel’s Scents.

Bryon Foster – PA
Chad Leslie


Kevin…Here’s a nice Champlain Valley Buck in VT. I’ve used your Goldenrod Cover Scent for the past 5 years with complete success. I’ve had deer downwind to include this buck that never seemed to know I was there. Including a beautiful Kansas 10 point from last yr.

Thanks, David Baase

….. I’ve used your Goldenrod Cover Scent for the past few years. I bought my cover scent at the NWTF convention in Cheektowaga, NY. Going into unfamiliar state and location as I do, your cover scent has allowed me to infiltrate the woods undetected. I use the cover scent even when I turkey hunt, preventing anything from winding me, that may otherwise ruining my hunt. I trust and believe in your product. I’ve had deer and coyotes directly down wind and they never knew I was there. I can’t afford to go on guided hunt and Goldenrod Cover Scent gives me the confidence that I need to go anywhere and see what I’m looking for. I would love to see your hunting products carried in stores in my area.

David Baase
St Albans, VT

Dear Kevin ….. Just passing along thank you’s to all the companies that I use their products. I recently won a bottle of your “toe musk” at the LaSalle Sportsmen’s club archery raffle. Well I set out this year with confidence with a new bow some new scent and a plan. I have been hunting for 22 years gun and archery. On November 4 I finally harvested my first whitetail Buck in Ellicotville. A nice 8 pointer that dressed out at 150+lbs. I believe with the help of your scent that this buck was looking to tend to a scrap I had made only a day before. He walked in within 12 yards for a perfect broadside shot…… Thank you for a great product.

Jim Eichinger
Region 9 Representative
New York Bowhunters
Kenmore NY 14217

hunting trophy

“Dear Kishel’s ….. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have, Goldenrod Cover Scent & Doe Urine, during the rut of 2001 fall gun season to take the biggest deer of my life. –

He came out of the clear cut that I was hunting beside. Like a rocket headed straight for your Doe urine I had just set out. Thanks for a great hunting product and thanks to Competitive archery, Knoxville TN , for carrying your products. I know hunting of any kind has a lot to do with luck, but your product sure helps! This deer, an 8pt went 150 lbs dressed was taken on public land in Hickman County. I hope that you continue to put out quality products.

Thank You
Ben Warwick ….. Corryton , TN

buck caught using doe urine

Bruce Johnson
11 point archery New York State – 2001 shot Nov 5th using your Raccoon urine as a cover.

large buck

Well Kevin the plain doe urine worked again as a great cover scent, there was 5 does eating acorns under my stand when this guy came to his last supper.

Thanks, Dave Sweeney – Clifton Park, NY

“I was downwind from a bedding area with some blustery winds and had all three scents out (ESTRUS, NON ESTRUS AND BUCK THRASHER II). About 3pm I called two deer closer for a shot with no results. Then about 4:15 p.m. three does popped out of thick cover about four 5 yards away, a buck was following the does when he turned, looked in my direction and headed towards me with his nose in the air sniffing around, and gave me a shot.”

Todd Bruno – CT

9 point buck caught with bow

“Kevin ….. Love that BUCK THRASHER II. This is my very first buck! Had mock scrapes going from the end of October 2002 and they just tore them up!!

“Thank You, Bev Wimmer OHIO

11 point buck

Kevin ….. Here is a picture of a 9 point I killed with the bow Nov 8 2002 with your Doe Passion he followed a trail and gave me a quartering away shot at 20 yards he dressed 167 lbs ….. Nathan House – NY

Large buck caught with Kishels hunting products

Kevin, I attended one of your trapping demos 3 years ago. On your advice I purchased one of the powered scent dispensers. 2 years and 2 decent 8 pointers were the results. This year I purchased a bottle of your Doe Passion, and after passing on 6 decent bucks, this is the result, an 11 pointer that field dressed at 240 lbs.

Tim Ackerman – Lafayette, Ohio

PS. I hope to catch one of your demos again, to absorb more of your tips on trapping and hunting!!!!

Kevin ….. I heard about your hunting products at the Little Valley Trapper/Hunter Sportsman Fair. My brother and I talked to you, I believe, or a salesman for your products. I thought what the heck, I’ll try your scents and see if they worked! Support a local guy! I can say I am very happy with your scents this year. I hunted Friday and Saturday, and the scent attracted a lot of Bucks, but not the ones I wanted that day, so I waited until Saturday’s hunt to harvest my buck. On Saturday morning I was not seeing any deer, so I took your Doe In Estrus out and sprayed in the air, waited 15-20 minutes, sprayed in air again, and the 6 point came right to my deer stand. It was right underneath me smelling the air, I had scent bombs out too, then walked to the side giving me a broadside shot going away. The deer fell 5 yards from where I arrowed him. After I got done gutting the deer, my scents still out, two more Bucks came pass my stand. It was like I was not even there in the woods.

In New York State, I arrowed a nice 8pt coming to your Buck Thrasher II lure.

Thank You – Ronald Shoup, NY

buck caught in the fall “I wanted to write and thank you for a great product! We met you last year 2001 at Denton Hill, PA. My boys, wife and I were in charge of the Christian Bowhunter’s Association booth next to yours. Enclosed are photos of the boys and their success from this past season. You had given us some buck lure to try. The DOE PASSION product worked great, the boys harvested 3 bucks with the one bottle of lure. You have our blessings.”Robert Foster – Christian Bowhunter
Christian Bowhunters of America

bowhuntingFall 2002 – This Beast was shot by long time customer Paul Kowalski of Buffalo, NY. The buck dressed out at 245 pounds and is currently being scored, sure to be a record for that area. “Buck came in nose high to the sky smelling Buck Thrasher II, what a great hunting product.”

Kevin …. On 11/13/00 I was bow hunting. I set out canisters with DOE PASSION and laid a trail from a scrape to my stand; about twenty to ten in the morning while smoking a cigarette I noticed movement from the direction of the scrape, it was a nice buck. I extinguished my butt and put it in a pocket, as I stood up I was sure the buck would see the movement and bolt; fortunately he was more interested in the trail of your hunting product, DOE PASSION. As the buck walked past I let the arrow fly, it found the mark and the buck bolted twenty yards down the trail where it collapsed like a piece of cheap lawn furniture under a fat lady (believe me she had sung).

Buck caught in hamburg ny

On 11/25/00 I was gun hunting from the same stand with two canisters of DOE PASSION out at twenty to eight in the morning a buck came in from downwind of my scent canisters, thirty yards downhill of me, one shot from the ol’ twelve gauge dropped him in his tracks. A beautiful non-typical nine point with an eighteen inch spread. My girlfriend has been asking what I wanted for Christmas. She’s having this monster mounted for me!!!

In two years from this same stand I have taken four bucks and one doe, using DOE PASSION, or BUCK THRASHER II, also using your Goldenrod Cover Scent. My experience over the last few seasons tells me one important thing.

Bill McAllister – Hamburg N.Y

two bucks caught with KishelsHi Kevin ….. These bucks were taken in Pike County Illinois, 2001. I’ll be ordering in the very near future. Thanks for a great hunting product.
Tim Lucas – PA
big buck caught“Kevin, I rely on your products because they make success happen.” Fall 2002 – Dan is a long time customer who consistently takes big buck using our products. 8 point taken using Kishel’s Doe Urine.
Dan Dietzen

man holding buck

“I shot this nice buck Tues Nov 3rd at 4:45 pm, I put the GOLDENROD on my boots and sprayed your DOE IN HEAT URINE in the air every 20 minutes as you suggested. He came into my tree stand downwind stopping to sniff the air. Thank you for a great product.”

Dr. Patrick Keem D.D.S.
East Aurora, NY

Patrick Keem Jr. Archery – 9 point taken on Doe Passion and Golden Rod Cover Scent. Great job Pat. We as Kishel’s know you give your hunting a lot of determination and hard work. It paid of this time!!

large buck caught using coverscent

“Kevin ….. All my clothes and equipment are sprayed down, including my boots, gloves, fanny pack, rattling horns, bow, arrows, etc with Kishel’s Pro shield. In the tree I spray your Kishel’s Goldenrod, a must cover scent, on the tree, and the branches around me. Throw some Kishel’s Doe Passion in the area scrapes to keep interest and you have the secret to success. Keep producing the fine products you sell and thank you for contributing to my successes!”

Buck caught using Kishels hunting products and lures

Brother Sean Keem – NY

Took a buck using our Doe Passion and Golden Rod Cover Scent.

Local deer hunters having a field day with big bucks

By WILL ELLIOT – News Outdoors Reporter – Buffalo News

Deer everywhere. This notebook might be shorter if we listed area hunters who did not get a deer so far this year.
Deer reports – trophy-sizes and first-time successes – have come in great numbers from both late-season archers and first-week shotgun hunters. Archers scored well before bow season ended Nov. 17. …. Patrick J. Keem, Jr. started with a doe on Nov. 3 and his buck on Nov. 8. Sean Keem matched his brother’s rack formation (5 points left, 4 points right), taking his buck with Kishel Scents on Nov. 16, 2002.

Kevin …… Took a nice 7 point using your Doe In Estrus with Doe Passion on a drag line on 11/2/02. It was a 16” spread with 6” tines.

Thanks ……. Chris Zaleski – NY

large buck I was in the woods on Saturday, 10/26/02, and used the Doe Passion in the Dave’s pop up wick and the Buck Thrasher II on another wick, and this guy walked up 15 yards away. And only 5 yards from the Buck Thrasher II. 8 point – 12″ spread. ….. Thanks for the scents and you can bet I will be recommending it to my friends.

Jim Shreckengost – PA

paul rice with buck

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order very quick. The box
came on Saturday after I had left to go hunt so I started to use the DOE PASSION on Sunday morning. It was a 24 degree day and dead still wind. I have a Johnny’s scent fan and this is the result. This is only my second year deer hunting and this is my first buck. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks! Paul Rice – NY

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