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Tell us about your success and your favorite Kishel’s hunting products used!

man with large buck man hunting large buck
large buck hunting man with monster buck
 monster buck with man and camera  Buck caught using kishels hunting products
 deer hunting  large buck caught with hunting products
buck large antlers buck large antlers 10 point
8 point buck shot using Kishels Mock Scape kit
Mike Smith – Butler PA
8 Point shot over a Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.
Buck shot using Buck Thrasher II Hunting products
Bill Smith – Butler PA
Shot using Buck Thrasher II.
deer caught with spiked deer urine
The ‘SPIKED DEER URINE’you gave me stopped this big boy dead in his tracks for a broadside 20 yard shot.Deven Woodworth

Monster 14 point buck caught using hunting products

Hi…Shot this 14 point yesterday, 11-22, using Buck Thrasher II.
Bought 2 more bottles today for shotgun.Bill Bartle
Arkport, NY

Large buck

Once again, thanks for the great Doe in Estrus Urine. This buck was running a doe hard Sunday evening. He pushed her across a two track right to me. She hit my scent wick and stopped. At this time the buck also hung up about 20yds back. As she started to move off he once again started the chase. Two quick grunts to stop him, a well placed shot and it was over.

Long time believer,
Ben Weber …. Grand Rapids, MI

hunting tree camera hunting tree camera 2 hunting tree camera 3
hunting tree camera 4 These photos are from a Tree Cam in Butler, Pa in November 2009. Over all, I had 12 bucks hitting these scrapes with 8 of them 14″ or better and a couple of monsters. NOTE: The photo on the left is Tom’s 8 point buck alive. He is a beauty as well.
The scrape was made with Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.Great Product
Aaron Steinheiser – Butler, PA
hunting tree camera 5 hunting tree camera 6 hunting tree camera 7

deer caught with Kishels Mock Scrape kit

(The one that did not get away from Kishel’s Mock Scrape!)

Tom Rodgers
8 Point
Butler, PA

large buck caught by hunter

Kevin, attached is a photo of my
Cattaraugus Co. NY
9 pt. buck – shot on opening day while using Goldenrod Cover Scent!

Paul Lazarus

deer caught with kishels

7 Point taken – Butler, PA
Mike Smith

Mike consistently takes a deer year after year using Kishel’s Scents & Lures hunting products.

deer caught with mock scrape kit 1 deer caught with mock scrape kit 2 Jim was hunting at Southern Ohio OutfittersPicture on the right is a tree cam of this buck
coming into Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit.Jim Painter – Buck

deer shot with bow

Kevin … Just wanted to thank you for your quality hunting products. I took my best buck in 37 years of archery hunting using Kishel’s Doe in Estrus.

I had the buck scored last week after the sixty day drying period and scored 125 1/8, my first entry in Pope and Young.

Gordon Sprague
Windsor, NY

First time using Kishels Hunting Products

I wanted to share a quick testimonial about your product and success I had with it last year, I’ve been hunting whitetail for 36 years now & never shot a buck with any lures/scents until last year when I used your product.

The date was Oct.29,09 When I went to into my stand in the morning I used a drag with Buck Thrasher 1 and hung some wicks with Doe Passion around my stand, a young 8 point probably a 1 & 1/2year old came in his nose went straight to the ground when he crossed my drag trail and he stopped at 5 yards broadside in front of me, you could tell his senses were going wild looking for the deer that was there. I decided to go back to camp & return early afternoon, When I returned I decided to put another drag trail down, I used the same drag and spiced it up with some Buck Thrasher 2 that I had left over from earlier season, I had a 132″ P&Y buck come in, his nose went straight to the ground like the younger buck & stood facing me for 5 minutes looking behind me for that deer, as he was leaving he picked up the scent on one of the wicks at about 5 yards his nose pointed right to it i grunted he never made it to the wick, my arrow found its spot double lung he expired within 40 yds.

I’ve been recommending your hunting product to all of my friends and it will definitely be in my arsenal for this years archery season. Thank You for making my season one I won’t forget. Jeff Suter


Charlie Snyder
NY – 8 point


Man with caught deer

It was a cool afternoon on Nov. 21st. I squirted my stand, bow, and clothes with Golden Rod Cover Scent when I got out of the truck. As I walked to my stand I set out a scent trail using Dave’s “Pro” Scent Drag. It was soaked with Kishel’s Doe in Heat Estrus urine. I started the drag along a corn field edge and walked about 300 yards towards my stand refreshing it with more Kishel’s Doe In Heat Estrus urine about every 75 yards. Once I entered the corner of the woods I soaked it real good and started walking about 100 yards to my stand, about 8 yards from the fields edge. About 15 yards from in front of where I was going to hang my stand I drew a “J” about 10 yards wide and 5 yards deep. I call this move the “J of death” or the “Last J”. For when bucks follow the scent the trail it and give you a nice quartering away shot when they follow the trail. At the end of the “J” I hang the drag about 2′ – 3′ off the ground. I feel that circulates the scent around at their nose level better. Then before I climbed up into the tree (25′) I set out 3 scent pads with Kishel’s Doe Passion on them. These are hung at the same height as the drag. They are between 20 and 25 yards in a triangle. This gives you 3 more shooting areas if you hang them in your shooting lanes upwind. I climbed into my tree at 1:45PM and settled in for a nice hunt. I saw small bucks and a few does running around. A small 8 point followed the trail to the Last “J” and he hung around for over an hour looking around for the doe he was sure was standing next to him. LOL. About 4:45PM I noticed a NICE buck coming out of a finger of woods and he was heading towards my drag line. He stood over it for about a minute then put his head down and started following it. He followed it for over 150 yards. At one point I thought he was gone but it turned out that in the corner of field where I soaked the pad one last time he was there licking and smelling it . I heard a twig snap and there he was at 60 yards heading down the drag line. He walked in just like the little buck did earlier and stood there for a minute. Then he committed to the “J” and he went to take a step and my Horton Max 175 sent a Carbon Express bolt tipped with a 100 grain NAP Spitfire broadhead right into his ribs and it Double Lunged Em’. He only went 50 yards and stopped and tipped over.  I tell you one thing. Kishel’s hunting products make a difference that they can smell.

It makes “Bucks just dying to get one more sniff”
Steve Cononie – Maryland

two buckscaught with Kishels

Kishel’s quality deer lures give whitetail bucks a bad day, every day !! Christina Yarbrough takes her deer hunting very serious, that’s why she only uses Kishel’s deer lures and hunting products. Christina harvested this nice 8 pointer on Dec. 1st, 2008 the opening day of the Pennsylvania firearms season. This buck could not resist the alluring aroma of Kishel’s “Spiked Deer Urine” He came right in for a 30 yard shot. The second person with Christina and her buck, is her brother Kyle Gray and his buck. Kyle harvested this nice Whitetail on the opening day of the Pa. firearms season using Goldenrod Cover Scent and Kishel’s “Spiked Deer Urine”. The buck was lured in for a 40 yard shot.

Greg Yarbrough  Pennsylvania

Small buckHere’s a pic of buck I shot during archery season. Not a monster but still had his nose stuck in a mock scrape using Kishels’ Mock Scrape Kit. Also had a sent wick of your Buck Thrasher II product hanging above.

Had 2 more small bucks come in @10 and 20yds down wind of scrape this morning…scrape.

Tony Rice – Hoosick, New York

8 point buckBen Weber – 8 Point
Grand Rapids, Michigan
deer caughtThis is my Pennsy buck I harvested using Kevin’s Mock Scrape Kit. I had some Doe Estrus out downwind of the scrape and this 8 pt checked the scrape downwind, 8 yards away from the scrape. He did not come to freshen the scrape up, but unfortunately for him, I was right on top of him. Since using your hunting products my son and I have harvested bigger bucks. Most of our bucks have been 6-8 with nice spreads. I have passed up many smaller bucks with your scents. I am always wondering how many bucks each time I go out will come to your products. So far, almost every time I go out I have seen buck either using your doe urine or doe estrus urine.I also use your Buck Thrasher II at different times.Thanks for a great product!
R Shoup – Pennsylvania

monster 13 point buck caught using kishels

Mr. Kishel …. On November 1st, 2008 I harvested this 13 point buck of a lifetime using your Mock Scrape Kit I purchased 3 years ago, (unlimited shelf life). The deer weighed 255 lbs. dressed and had an inside spread of 23 1/4 inches.

I started this mock scrape along a deer trail the second week of October. I added some regular doe urine in the area to complete the illusion. I did not use doe in estrus scent since I did not feel the doe in my area were coming into estrus at the time. Doe would scent check the scrape but not got directly into it.

Then, on November 1st, this buck came right into this scrape like he was on a string. He stopped at the scrape then took three more steps where I arrowed him at 10 yards. I watched this buck go down 35 yards from my stand.

Not knowing how good the shot placement had been and the fact I couldn’t see the buck in the high grass where he was lying, I decided to stay on stand an hour before I approached him. What happened next is what has me sold on your hunting products.

While on stand waiting out my hour, a doe came into the scrape, then another, and another, and a buck right at dark. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They could not stay out of it.

A week later while hunting with friends in Wisconsin I freshened two scrapes out of our seven stand locations. These two stand locations had the most deer activity and where the only stands where we saw bucks (7 total). I had a heavy 8 pointer come into the scrape the second day hunting but managed to hit a small branch and miss the deer.

No doubt, my friends and I will be using your products next year!

Good Hunting …. Steven S. von Oetinger – Garrettsville, Ohio

large 10 pointer

Hello Kevin,

With this photo, I have concluded my participation in field testing the “spiked deer lure”.

All in all, I feel that this product has proven to be a valuable tool for use in the hunting of white-tailed deer. In the early season, this product seemed to have a calming effect on deer as they approached my stand position. On numerous occasions the product attracted deer to my stand location offering me the opportunity to harvest an antlerless deer.

In the early part of the month of November, I used this product together with “Doe Passion” to harvest a nice Pennsylvania buck during the archery season. I used the Doe Passion on a drag rag to lay down a scent trail leading to my tree stand location. I used the “Spiked Deer Urine” in a small spray bottle by applying the product to leaves approximately 2-3 feet off of the ground. I had several encounters with whitetail bucks responding to this scent combination. The bucks actually ate the leaves that had the application of “Spiked Deer Urine”.

One of my hunting partners, John Yanarella took a trip to Kansas the first week of December this year. I supplied John with 1 ounce of “Spiked Deer Urine” to be used as part of his hunting strategy. John used the Goldenrod cover scent to control his human scent and used the ” Spiked Deer Urine” as an attractor. The result was the 140 class 10 pointer shown in the enclosed picture.

Kevin, it is my opinion that this hunting product, like all other Kishel’s products, far exceeds the effectiveness of all other deer hunting lures on the market today. I found the product to consistently attract deer and NEVER alarm deer. I would recommend this product with complete pride and confidence for use in hunting White-tailed deer at any time during the hunting season.

God bless,
Greg Yarbrough
Kishel’s Quality animal Lures and Scents, Pro Staff

Picture of John Yanarella – Taking a nice 140 Class 10 point in Kansas

large elk huntedTodd Imolia – Kishel’s Pro Staff
Elk taken on Kishel’s 6×6 Elk Lure
buck caught with Kishels Hunting suppliesSid Bream
Zelienople, PA
using Doe in Estrus.Sid played major league baseball from 1986-1994. He had played on four teams during his career: Dodgers, Pirates, Braves & Astros

7 point buck

Jeff, I took this 7 point buck last night at 25 ft. Actually he tracked me right to my tree. He followed my drag like a hound on a rabbit. Luckily another smaller buck came and this buck made a bluff charge which got him out from under me. He stopped at about 7 paces. Thanks for getting my Doe in Estrus to me.

It worked like a champ …
Ben Weber – Grand Rapids, MI 49546

woman catching 8 point buck

Dear Rhonda & Kevin,

My husband works at Whitetail Country Sports World in Olean, NY. He brought home a few of your products that he purchased from the store. I thought I would give them a try while he went to work the next day. I went hunting at about 1:30p.m. I took a scent drag with Kishel’s Buck Thrasher II on it, and another drag with Kishel’s Doe in Estrus on it. I dragged them behind me, one in each hand. I did three separate drags this way, and then headed up my tree stand. I sat there until about an hour before dusk. Suddenly, does came from everywhere!!! Two from the South, three from the North and four from the West!!!! I’d never had that many deer come in at the same time on our property since we’ve owned it, and that’s been for over 17 years!!! I know we put a food plot in this year, but listen to this. After trying to decide which doe I was going to take, I caught sight of movement to my left. I glanced over to see a HUGE 8 point coming in with his nose to the ground right on the scent trail. He followed that trail until he was 25 yards in front of me…..end of story!!! Pictures tell the rest!!!!!

Thanks for such a great hunting product!!!!
A sincere believer in Kishel’s ….. Sue Koch

large deer

To Kishels

I have been using Kishel’s scents for the last 3 years. This year I harvested my second best buck ever using Doe in Estrus Urine on a drag. Once I got to my stand location I made a figure 8 with the drag about 20 yards from the stand. I then hung the drag on a limb along with 3 wick’s of Doe Passion. every 10 yards in my shooting lane. Around 8AM on a VERY rainy Saturday morning (Oct 27 2007) this buck came in to the shooting lane. looking for that hot doe he “thought” was there. Thanks to your GREAT hunting products he is now at the Taxidermist. His neck measured 22″ under the ears and 27″ at base of neck. We haven’t had him scored yet but I am sure he is bound for Pope and Young.

Steve Cononie – Germantown, MD

Bob Kishel

Bob Kishel
Holland, NY
2007 Archery
6 point
using Doe Passion


Dear Kishel’s …. For a second year in a row I am writing in support of your product lines. They say proof is in the pudding but the past two years proof has been on the ground. On November 11 I was hunting in Kentucky with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. There was a front moving in that afternoon and deer activity was high. I hung several of your “Dave’s Pop Up Scent Dispensers along filled with your “Buck in Rut” and “Doe in Estrus” urine. There were several other winter wheat fields on the farm that I was hunting and I truly believe that the lures I placed out that evening played a factor in why this bruiser choose to show himself in the field I was hunting at Dusk.

Hunting free ranging whitetails is difficult and I am glad that I am equipped with your products. This is my best buck to-date as he had 16 scoreable points and grossed scored over 200 inches. When it comes to hunting I am obsessive and very attentive to details and I am glad a lure manufacturer such as Kishel’s feels the same way.

Best Regards …. Gary Helmuth …. Scottsville, Virginia

Deer caught with doe passion

…. I got a buck on Friday. Not the 10 point that I was after, But still a nice a buck. Doe Passion and a bleat call and he came right in. Mike Smith – PA Archery

Quality You Can Trust … Consistency You Can Count On …. And That is what you get with Kishel’s Scents & Lures hunting products …. Mike bags another buck in PA year after year on Doe Passion

Large buck caught

Paul Kishel – Still doing what he does best – Luring Up Monster Bucks!!
NY Gun Season – 8 point –
Paul shot this deer using Buck Thrasher

deer caught with deer luresKevin …. I just wanted to thank you for making the best buck hunting lure’s in the country. I have tried every scent ever made and spent enough money to buy a 2 new bows. In my pursuit of the best lure made I was pointed in your direction by a trapper. I purchased a bottle of “Buck thrasher II” in the fall of 2006. I used it harvest a nice 150 lb 7 point buck with my bow on December 11th 2006 in NH. This year I tried your “Doe Estrus urine” in NY. And on October 29th, 3 days into the hunt this 185 lb 10 point buck came running when he hit the scent stream. He was the 9th buck I had seen in three days. I hunted 5 days total and saw 19 bucks using both the Doe Estrus and the buck thrasher. These are without a doubt the best deer products I have ever used.

And I am sure that I will have the same results next year.

Thank you again – Kelly Brough – Gilmanton Iron Works NH

Brain Slamecka with buckBrain Slamecka – PA Archery – 8 point
Brian said the buck came in on Buck Thrasher II and Doe Passion. The Buck would not take his nose off of the ground.
Jason Delano with 8 pointJason Delano – Butler, PA
8 Point
Taken with Doe In Estrus Urine
man with large buckCharlie Crouchman small buck caughtJohn Hahn
buck caught with kishels luresJoe Schmid Ken Eberle huntingKen Eberle
Tom Weiczorek and buckTom Weiczorek hunting deerDan Viapiano
deer huntingKen White
Kishel’s Pro Staffer
deer hunting in woodsRick Davidson
buckJohn Yely

Whitetail deer

Buck was taken during the rut in Southeastern Pa. He was lured in with Buck Thrasher I.
A 20 yard shot took him down. He’s a nine point roughly 150″ and weighed in over 200 lbs. The Golden Rod cover scent kept him from detecting my scent.

Greg Yarbrough –
Kishel’s ProStaffer

Bob Kishel 7 pointBob Kishel
7 point
NY – Gun
Bob is Kevin’s brotherBob gets a buck every year using Kishel’s hunting Products.
Brian Kishel buck caught with kishels productsBrian Kishel
8 point
NY – Gun
This is Bob Kishel’s son, Brian, who consistently gets a deer and uses Kishel’s Deer Products.

monster buck

I wanted to write and provide you with positive feedback on one of your product lines that I used this year with great success. On November 12 I was hunting in Kentucky when at dusk I saw this monster heading out of his river bottom bed. He was traveling in the opposite direction until a few grunts and the scent of your “Doe Passion” caught his attention and caused him to change direction and come in for further inspection, big mistake.

This is my best buck to-date as he had 18 scorable points and gross scored 184. This 300 lb, 6.5 year old nocturnal buck had survived many a hunting season and I know without a doubt that your product helped seal the deal. I truly am convinced that if a deer hunter uses the right combination of your scents at the appropriate time of the year, it can be a tremendous difference maker. Thanks again and for your attention to detail and not settling for second best ….

Gary Helmuth – Scottsville, VA

buck hunting

…. Well there is nothing more to say, but thank you

Bruce Kowalski – South Wales, NY – Gun

He and his family are big users of Kishel products

tree cam shot

This is a tree cam photo sent in by Mike Smith of a Mock Scrape he made this season …. Mike said, ” I made the mock scrape and these 3 buck just took it over … PS – Mike shot an 8 point on 11/3/06 at this scrape.

Mike Smith – PA – Archery

buck on tree cam

Kevin … Check out this decent buck. My buddy and I set up a trail-cam and got this buck standing right in the scrape made with Kishel’s Scrape Kit. This is one of several we have coming into this scrape. We’re seeing a lot of deer and having amazing results with your hunting products like Toe Musk, Buck-Thrasher II and Mock Scrape Kit.

Greg Yarbrough – Kishel’s Pro Staff – October 2006

buck caught with buck thrasher hunting products

I just wanted to tell you about my experience with Buck Thrasher II. One evening on stand I had placed Buck Thrasher II on a scent wick 90 degrees to my right, and 80 to 90 yards out. I had also poured a bag of Buck Bran on the ground directly in front of me straight out at 100 yards. The wind direction was carrying the Buck Thrasher II scent straight to the Buck Bran pile. A ten point mature buck approached the Buck Bran, and he only ate a couple of bites before the scent of the Buck Thrasher II pulled him away from the pile. He walked 80 yards towards the scent, and kept tipping his nose up in the air smelling that smell that made him so curious. The scent had brought him all the way from 100 yards out, and allowed me to make a 25 yard broadside shot. He’s hanging on the wall now. Buck Thrasher II is my first Kishel’s scent, and it is the only scent I have had a good experience with, but I just got some of Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit, and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for an outstanding hunting product. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Schirmer – Indiana

large buck

Kevin …. I shot this buck in Chester County Pa. at approx. 4:30 pm of our opening day of firearms season this year. He was about 180 lbs. The wind was in his favor as he was getting a nose full of your Doe Passion product. The Golden Rod Cover Scent kept him and numerous other deer that I had seen throughout the day from detecting me, from downwind.
Awesome products!!

Greg Yarbrough – PA – 8 pt

Sid Bream deer hunting

Sid Bream
Zelienople, PA
10 point using our Doe in Estrus product.

Sid played major league baseball from 1986-1994. He had played on four teams during his career: Dodgers, Pirates, Braves & Astros.

15 point buckConnecticut State Record – Rifle
Jesse Brennan – Score 178 3/8″ – Class 15 point
Jesse used Kishel’s Doe in Estrus Urine
11 point buckJason Delano – Pennsylvania
11 Point Buck taken in Ohio
Using ‘Kishel’s Buck In Rut Urine’
large monster buck“Monster Buck Shot – Buck Thrasher II”
Ravlin Hill Archery – New York
11 point buck caught with KishelsLevi Mason – Illinois
11 point taken using – Golden Rod Cover Scent

first buck with Buck thrasher II

1st Buck- 8 point
Christina Gray – Ephrata, PA
Gun season
Lured in with Buck Thrasher II


Best day this year so far was last night. Seven does a mid sized seven point that was showing a lot of frustration. He surprised me. Heard him grunting long before I got to see him. Ran the does around for about five minuets. Watched him run two buck fawns like they were in heat. He made two scrapes and left. Does came back to eating acorns.

Monster Buck showed up then. Stayed a little too far away. Never chased a doe. Wondered off then when it was time to get down he showed up again. Worked the scrapes the seven point worked and hung around way after dark.
The picture I sent you that you have on Kishel’s web site this year. That scrape is twenty yards from my stand. The big boy worked the crap out of it last night while I sat there in the dark watching him. Puts a quiver in my liver to see a buck do that.
He won the card game last night. But I have his number.

Mike Smith – Pennsylvania

Mike Smith deer

Just letting you know that last year was the first year I used your scent and I had a great year in Illinois. Attached is a picture of a 156″ buck taken from a drag line using your “Doe In Estrus” scent. Thanks and I will be ordering another gallon of that hunting product this year.

Eric SchumberIllinois

Buck caught with KishelsDan Dietzen – NY Archery
A long time customer who relies on Kishel’s products for consistency and results!!
bull elk caughtGene Majchrzak – NY
– A Bull Elk – Using “Kishel’s Cow Elk Urine”
– taken in New Mexico
gazelle caught with kishelsMarc Bushta
– Taken in Africa
– Using “Kishel’s Pro Shield”
Don Wales – Kansas
– 8 Point Buck
– Taken with “Kishel’s Doe Passion”

8 point buck

7 point deer

Bob Weld
7 point taken gun season NY State
“Bob is a long time user and believer in the results proven Kishel products!! Great job Bob!!”

man with deer

Kevin …. I had joined a deer hunting club this year with some of my buddies and this would be my first time to hunt this new property. I went by and picked up my son’s muzzleloader … I am a handicap hunter and if it wasn’t for my trusty Honda 4 wheeler getting me to and from the field I would have had to give up hunting twenty five years ago …. As I got to the field I grabbed my muzzleloader, my fanny pack, my Kishel’s doe estrus scent and my grunt call. I had an hour and a half to hunt. I always carry a drag rag doused with Kishel’s doe in estrus scent behind my 4 wheeler to help cover my scent and also to attract bucks …. I rode my 4 wheeler dragging my drag rag along the edge of the bean field and parked in the bushes …. I fixed a comfortable spot under a deer stand …. An hour went by and all I’d seen were two squirrels. With no deer activity I decided it couldn’t hurt anything to try my old grunt call. I grunted a few short grunts. What happened next left me is disbelief as in my 40 years of hunting I’ve never seen anything like it. This monster buck bolted from a thicket looking for a fight or at least to protect his territory and he was heading right at me across the open bean field in full view. It happened so quick that when the buck stopped he was at 75 yards. I managed to get my gun up and get my sights on him but he started walking again looking for the other buck. His hair was all bristled and his ears laid back as though he was ready to fight. When he stopped at 60 yards I pulled the trigger and I couldn’t see a thing for a couple seconds. When the smoke cleared all I could see was antlers, big antlers like I’ve never seen before. At 5:10 I got on my 4 wheeler and rode up to him he had 13 points and some of the longest points that I’ve ever seen. He had mule deer forks on both sides and drop tines on both sides. The deer had a 22 inch spread and weighed 175 pounds. It was the nicest deer that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. There’s no doubt the combination of my deer scent and a grunt call did the trick on this old buck …. Finding a Boone & Crockett trophy deer in Weakley county is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have hunted for 40 years and spent thousands of hours in the field but you just never know when its going to happen. Its kind of like that old saying “A bad day of hunting is still better than a good day at work.”

Larry Porter – Tennessee

large buck

Good stuff…. I put that mock scrape in Sunday morning and my son Mark hunted there. A doe came in but winded where we had dragged out Luke’s six point, no shot for Mark. Sunday afternoon Mark wanted to hunt a different stand where he had seen a buck before and I got to use my stand w/ the mock scrape. The wind was terrible but that stand is in a little creek bottom so it’s got some protection. I put some of your Doe estrus urine in the scrape and climbed up in the stand. There was no sign of anything visiting the scrape yet, of course I had just made it that morning. The wind was so bad I thought of getting down but I had a lot of confidence in the spot so I stayed. About 3:30 I spotted him coming up the bottom just like I hoped would be his route. Wind was good coming from behind and to his right. As soon as I saw him I new he was big even though he was a hundred plus yards away. He came right up that bottom walking like the big bad ass that he was. When he got closer he started to go to my right into some beech slash and my heart sunk I thought he’d go right by me with no chance for a shot. But he stopped and turned and walked right to the scrape and gave me a broad side shot at twenty yards with his nose buried in your hot doe urine. I’m sure he had time to take in the Tarsal and Interdigital scents from the scrape but well before he could work it or lift his head to smell the licking branch with your Pre-orbital scent he was interrupted by my 31″ 2315 aluminum shaft with a 125 thunderhead. He left carrying the mail but only made about Eighty yards falling about twenty yards past my last sight of him. This was not the big racked buck I was after, this was a different buck, but there was no way I was going to pass on him. He is still my best to date rack wise and no question the biggest bodied Deer I’ve taken…232 lbs on the hoof..190 dressed. Thanks we made a good team! I know the Mock hadn’t had a chance to be visited by the area Deer and work to increase activity in the area yet but I’m pretty sure If it hadn’t stopped him and pulled him over there is a strong chance he would have gone right by on my right side and behind me. Also it stopped him dead and I had set it up for a twenty yard shot. He was broad side and the only thing moving was his nose. My son Mark joined me for the recovery and dragging.

I’m maintaining the scrape hoping for the big racked dude for one of my boys or for gun or late archery. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again Jack Bouquin

buck coming in close

Kevin … I got him on opening day November 2005, around 3 pm. I was hunting an edge of a hay field in Northern Indiana on the ground behind a bail of hay during a 35 mph windy day when I heard a noise behind me. I turned and he was not more then 10 feet from me, he ran and I did a bleat noise with my mouth which stopped him about 30 yards away and I dropped him. The final stats were 10 points with an 11 inch and a 9 inch tine it would have been 11 points but one was broke. The field dressed weight was 215 lbs. Those slugs are awesome thank you Neil and Kevin your product worked great I must have had 5 small bucks come within 12 feet of me this year I have never seen such a thing.

David Miller


Endorsements from the Top Names in the Field

Kishel's Scents & Lures is Endorsed by Skyline Camouflage2005

Victor Liberatore, Jr.

Owner-Skyline Camouflage

Kishel’s Scents & Lures is Endorsed by Skyline Camouflage

“Kishel’s Scents and Lures always attracts more deer to our stands. They provide us with an opportunity to try and harvest our bucks. Don’t enter the woods without Kishel’s hunting products in your fanny pack. They will consistently help you to attract more deer to your favorite stands!”

Archery Pro Shop


Legends of The Fall

Archery Pro Shop
Tully, NY


Kishel Scents made the difference in our repeat business sales.
They are pure quality!

Owner of Johnny's Sporting Goods

Johnny Johnson

Owner of Johnny’s Sporting Goods

Originator of Johnny’s Scent Dispenser!

“I have field tested and hunted with Kishel’s Animal Scents for the past 3 years and I just couldn’t believe the Success I had with this hunting product.  I put it in my Sporting Goods store last fall, both the Buck Thrasher II and the Doe Pee. Sold everything in the Kishel’s line I had, sold out one week before hunting season started. I never did sell out of the other lures I carried, JUST KISHEL’S
Best lure on the market today, bar none. Deer, Coyote, Fox…this is the best.”

Adventures West Hunting Consultants
Adventures West Hunting Consultants

Richard D. Hess

Adventures West Hunting Consultants

Adventures West Hunting Consultants

With the ability to hunt all over North America for different species, I find GOLDEN ROD cover scent very universal. Whether spot and stalking Black Bears, Moose, or Elk, I can always count on your products to get them “up close and personal.” The BODY and CLOTHES WASH are always part of my travel gear to give me that extra edge in controlling the human scent factor of hunting. Thanks for such great hunting products and I look forward to using your Buck Thrasher II this hunting season.

Successfully Afield,
Richard D. Hess
Adventures West Hunting Consultants


Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters

Robert Steffen

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters

Tionesta, PA

Big user of Kishel’s Products!

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters with buck

Dave Delvecchio

Owner of Dave’s Pop Up Canisters

Kevin … During the ’96 bow & gun season I had great success bring in several bucks within 15 yards of my tree stand. During these hunts, I only used KISHEL’S Buck Lure. I also had three does turn around and come back from one hundred yards to my dispenser. Each one of them smelled your lure for 5 seconds without spooking as often other lures do. Here is a picture of the buck I shot at 10 yards. I highly recommend KISHEL’S products.

Tom Hcks and Sons

Tom Hicks

Outdoor Writer & Photographer

Albion, N. Y.

I shot an 8 pt buck near my home in Albion N.Y. I was using Kishel’s BUCK & DOE URINE which I purchased at Alabama Archery. I was calling and rattling when the big buck came in with his nose in the air as he winded the attractant!

Thank You

Jerry C. Shively

Flat Iron Outfitting


Thompson Falls, MT

“I did not let my hunters know that I was using your products last hunting season, mainly because some products don’t do exactly as they are advertised & until I was certain they worked wanted to keep their use secret. I tried another manufacturer’s product several years ago & got burned badly, it should have been marketed as “repellant.” Like you I have been a trapper for 48 years & have a fair idea about the value of quality scents & lures.”


Large buck Darren Dye

Darren Dye
Mgr. Cabela’s in Wheeling, WV
Buck taken during Ohio Archery

16 point buck Colden NY

This 16 point buck was taken on opening day 11.22.2004 in Colden, NY (Erie county) western NY – using Thrasher II ….
Mike Osinski ……Satisfied Customer – Green score 175.5

9 point

Hoot’s Buck – NY
Kevin, well your scents did the trick for me again. On wed nov.10th at 9:45 am this big buck got wind of your buck thrasher II and and some doe passion. He came in down wind but your golden rod cover scent product worked well. This buck was shot in the town of Concord, NY. His gross green score is 136 2/8, net green score 128 3/8. He has 10 in. G3 pt on left side he is a 9 pointer. Thanks – ‘Hoot’ Chris Gerling

buck caught with Kishels lures

Mike Smith – PA
Fall 2004 – 8 point – 20″ spread. Was the 5th buck I brought in tonight using Doe Passion & Buck Thrasher II. This buck is the fifth that I have taken with Kishel’s.

caught with Doe in Estrus10 pt 12/11/04 Gun – NY
Doe In Estrus Urine
Bob Weld
John Jenkins with buckJohn Jenkins- WI
with “off the wall” buck taken using Kishel’s Scents & Lures
buck shot using Kishels hunting productsAustin Dunning – NY 17 yrs old
Shot using Kishel’s Scents & Lures
buck caught with doe urineMike Drake – WI Archery Season
using our Doe In Estrus Urine and Pro Shield. Mike said it: “This Buck came in on a dead run for Kishel’s Doe Estrus Urine.”

buck shot in woods

I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but I saw more deer this past season then I had in the past few years. This was the first year that I used Kishel’s hunting product Buck Thrasher II by the way and what a season I had, (see attached picture). The day I am talking about is one I will never forget. I had been on stand about 1 1/2 hrs. watching over a deer run when I saw movement to my left. As I looked closer I saw a black bear walking towards me. I didn’t expect this scent to attract bears but she came right to it or attempted to come to the scent. She came in at 30 yards and turned broadside, this was close enough for me as I let my arrow fly. After the arrow hit she growled and took off. My nerves started to kick into over drive at this point so I sat down to get myself back together. My watch at this point read 7:30am. I waited about 30 minutes before I decided to get down and start the search. As I turned in my stand to lower my bow, I noticed two deer moving towards my Buck Thrasher II scent bombs. The second of the two was a spike horn buck. I had yet to take a buck with my bow. They moved just off to my right when I launched an arrow, hitting the spike just behind the front shoulder. Now talk about shaking legs. My whole body was shaking now. I had to wait another 20 minutes before I could climb down. I finally recovered both trophies and took a ton of pictures. I don’t know too many people who have shot a bear and a deer in the same day, with a bow none the less and only 30 minutes apart. Call it luck or skill, but I believe by the way those animals came in that morning of Oct. 5, 2003, that the Buck Thrasher II had a large part in this day. Thank you & I look forward to using your product this year.

Doug DeGarff

bow caught in PA

Ron Shoup & Bryan Shoup (17 yrs. old)

I have some hunters at work that I am trying to get to use your products. With the deer I have harvest in the last two years with your products, I might just have a few to try them. So send a few extra and I will give the catalogs to them. Well I am hoping next year I have a nicer buck for you. I was after a nice 10 in PA last year. I got within 50 yards of him with the bow. He was in the 20″+ spread. I am on the lease land (750 acres) and we now have had it for three years, so I am learning my bow sets up a little better each year. My NYS bucks with the shotgun were taken at the Allegany State Park Area. Take care and I really am sold on your hunting products. I also will give a word on the Women Who Hunt where I am a moderator for the site for bow hunting.

large buck
Kevin, ….. ” Your Doe urine worked so good I bought a gallon and used it for the last 2 years in my hunting spots. I sprayed it all around my stands or blinds and within a day seen more deer in two years than 15 years of hunting! It attracts Does, Bucks, especially Bucks, little bucks and big bucks. In 1999 I dropped a nice 7 pointer that dressed at 160 lbs, in 2000 in the same spot with my bow I dropped a nice 11 pointer that dressed at 200 lbs. Ct is very pressured with hunters, so most scents don’t work, but your Doe Urine fools the Does & Bucks every time, even covers my scent. Brings in dominant Bucks every time no matter how much pressure there is. It works like a magnet! I highly recommend your Doe urine and Kishel’s line of lures.”

Steven Carpentier, Meriden

buck caught with bowKevin ….. Here is a picture of my eight point I got on opening day. I was using a homemade Osage orange self bow handcrafted by my son Bobby Ewing. I was also using cedar arrows and some of your REGULAR DOE URINE.Bob Ewing Sr. – Ellwood City, PA 7 point caught by Bob KishelBob Kishel
NY – Gun – 7 point
Buck caught using Kishels hunting products and lures Kevin …. I wanted to drop you a note letting you know of the success I had this year using your products. Your Mock Scrape Kitis awesome.I started using it in early to mid October and had deer at my scrape every 24 – 48 hours. This continued until the opening day of New Hampshire rifle season when I finally shot this 149 lb. – 7 pointer. He was the fourth different buck I had seen in four days of hunting, which is hard to do in Northern New England. This was the 3rd buck I’ve shot using Doe In Estrus, Buck In Rut, Buck Thrasher II and your Mock Scrap Kitin combination of each other. This combination kept deer in my hunting areas for weeks at a time until they finally made a mistake. Thanks again for such a quality line of hunting products. Jeff Graham – Strafford, NH

Hey Kevin and Family, just wanted to see how you guys were doing this deer season. Once again it was an eventful season for me in Michigan. I used your doe and buck urines with much success during the bow-season but didn’t harvest a buck yet. Our weather for most of the bow-season was very warm with wet and windy conditions. On one occasion in early November, I made a mock scrape using your Estrus Doe Urine and Dominant Buck Urine. I thought the mock-scrape was 15 yards in front of me but come to find out was about 40 yards to my side (things look different in the dark) I had a nice 7-pt followed by a smaller buck come in early that morning. I remember looking for that mock scrape all morning before the deer approached. When the 7-point came in he immediately came into the mock-scrape (40 yards away) and urinated into it. There was a lot of brush between me and the deer and I chose not to take the shot. I closed my eyes in the disappointment for the mistake I had just made. Because of the confidence I have with your product, I know if that scrape was closer, I would have venison in the freezer. I was a thrill though to have your product come through for me. Success isn’t based on killing but bringing deer into range for a good shot. Thanks again for the sweatshirt, guys at work ask me about Kishel’s and I always show them the catalogs!!

I hope you have an successful season,
Mark Heidema Holland, MI

buck caught with goldenrod cover scentDan Dietzen – NY Archery
using our Doe In Estrus Urine and Goldenrod Cover Scent.
turkey huntingFrank Miskey

Large buck batavia ny

Kevin, Your hunting product was a contributing factor to my bow hunting success in 2003.
Details: Typical white-tailed Alleghany County, NY, 11/03
Final Score – 141-4 pursuant to New York State Big Buck Club.
Larry Smith – Batavia, NY


7 point first buck

This is my 12 year old cousin with his First Buck. A very healthy 7pt. taken with the help of Buck Thrasher II …..
Thank you Kishel’s Scents.

Bryon Foster – PA
Chad Leslie


Kevin…Here’s a nice Champlain Valley Buck in VT. I’ve used your Goldenrod Cover Scent for the past 5 years with complete success. I’ve had deer downwind to include this buck that never seemed to know I was there. Including a beautiful Kansas 10 point from last yr.

Thanks, David Baase

….. I’ve used your Goldenrod Cover Scent for the past few years. I bought my cover scent at the NWTF convention in Cheektowaga, NY. Going into unfamiliar state and location as I do, your cover scent has allowed me to infiltrate the woods undetected. I use the cover scent even when I turkey hunt, preventing anything from winding me, that may otherwise ruining my hunt. I trust and believe in your product. I’ve had deer and coyotes directly down wind and they never knew I was there. I can’t afford to go on guided hunt and Goldenrod Cover Scent gives me the confidence that I need to go anywhere and see what I’m looking for. I would love to see your hunting products carried in stores in my area.

David Baase
St Albans, VT

Dear Kevin ….. Just passing along thank you’s to all the companies that I use their products. I recently won a bottle of your “toe musk” at the LaSalle Sportsmen’s club archery raffle. Well I set out this year with confidence with a new bow some new scent and a plan. I have been hunting for 22 years gun and archery. On November 4 I finally harvested my first whitetail Buck in Ellicotville. A nice 8 pointer that dressed out at 150+lbs. I believe with the help of your scent that this buck was looking to tend to a scrap I had made only a day before. He walked in within 12 yards for a perfect broadside shot…… Thank you for a great product.

Jim Eichinger
Region 9 Representative
New York Bowhunters
Kenmore NY 14217

hunting trophy

“Dear Kishel’s ….. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have, Goldenrod Cover Scent & Doe Urine, during the rut of 2001 fall gun season to take the biggest deer of my life. –

He came out of the clear cut that I was hunting beside. Like a rocket headed straight for your Doe urine I had just set out. Thanks for a great hunting product and thanks to Competitive archery, Knoxville TN , for carrying your products. I know hunting of any kind has a lot to do with luck, but your product sure helps! This deer, an 8pt went 150 lbs dressed was taken on public land in Hickman County. I hope that you continue to put out quality products.

Thank You
Ben Warwick ….. Corryton , TN

buck caught using doe urine

Bruce Johnson
11 point archery New York State – 2001 shot Nov 5th using your Raccoon urine as a cover.

large buck

Well Kevin the plain doe urine worked again as a great cover scent, there was 5 does eating acorns under my stand when this guy came to his last supper.

Thanks, Dave Sweeney – Clifton Park, NY

“I was downwind from a bedding area with some blustery winds and had all three scents out (ESTRUS, NON ESTRUS AND BUCK THRASHER II). About 3pm I called two deer closer for a shot with no results. Then about 4:15 p.m. three does popped out of thick cover about four 5 yards away, a buck was following the does when he turned, looked in my direction and headed towards me with his nose in the air sniffing around, and gave me a shot.”

Todd Bruno – CT

9 point buck caught with bow

“Kevin ….. Love that BUCK THRASHER II. This is my very first buck! Had mock scrapes going from the end of October 2002 and they just tore them up!!

“Thank You, Bev Wimmer OHIO

11 point buck

Kevin ….. Here is a picture of a 9 point I killed with the bow Nov 8 2002 with your Doe Passion he followed a trail and gave me a quartering away shot at 20 yards he dressed 167 lbs ….. Nathan House – NY

Large buck caught with Kishels hunting products

Kevin, I attended one of your trapping demos 3 years ago. On your advice I purchased one of the powered scent dispensers. 2 years and 2 decent 8 pointers were the results. This year I purchased a bottle of your Doe Passion, and after passing on 6 decent bucks, this is the result, an 11 pointer that field dressed at 240 lbs.

Tim Ackerman – Lafayette, Ohio

PS. I hope to catch one of your demos again, to absorb more of your tips on trapping and hunting!!!!

Kevin ….. I heard about your hunting products at the Little Valley Trapper/Hunter Sportsman Fair. My brother and I talked to you, I believe, or a salesman for your products. I thought what the heck, I’ll try your scents and see if they worked! Support a local guy! I can say I am very happy with your scents this year. I hunted Friday and Saturday, and the scent attracted a lot of Bucks, but not the ones I wanted that day, so I waited until Saturday’s hunt to harvest my buck. On Saturday morning I was not seeing any deer, so I took your Doe In Estrus out and sprayed in the air, waited 15-20 minutes, sprayed in air again, and the 6 point came right to my deer stand. It was right underneath me smelling the air, I had scent bombs out too, then walked to the side giving me a broadside shot going away. The deer fell 5 yards from where I arrowed him. After I got done gutting the deer, my scents still out, two more Bucks came pass my stand. It was like I was not even there in the woods.

In New York State, I arrowed a nice 8pt coming to your Buck Thrasher II lure.

Thank You – Ronald Shoup, NY

buck caught in the fall “I wanted to write and thank you for a great product! We met you last year 2001 at Denton Hill, PA. My boys, wife and I were in charge of the Christian Bowhunter’s Association booth next to yours. Enclosed are photos of the boys and their success from this past season. You had given us some buck lure to try. The DOE PASSION product worked great, the boys harvested 3 bucks with the one bottle of lure. You have our blessings.”Robert Foster – Christian Bowhunter
Christian Bowhunters of America

bowhuntingFall 2002 – This Beast was shot by long time customer Paul Kowalski of Buffalo, NY. The buck dressed out at 245 pounds and is currently being scored, sure to be a record for that area. “Buck came in nose high to the sky smelling Buck Thrasher II, what a great hunting product.”

Kevin …. On 11/13/00 I was bow hunting. I set out canisters with DOE PASSION and laid a trail from a scrape to my stand; about twenty to ten in the morning while smoking a cigarette I noticed movement from the direction of the scrape, it was a nice buck. I extinguished my butt and put it in a pocket, as I stood up I was sure the buck would see the movement and bolt; fortunately he was more interested in the trail of your hunting product, DOE PASSION. As the buck walked past I let the arrow fly, it found the mark and the buck bolted twenty yards down the trail where it collapsed like a piece of cheap lawn furniture under a fat lady (believe me she had sung).

Buck caught in hamburg ny

On 11/25/00 I was gun hunting from the same stand with two canisters of DOE PASSION out at twenty to eight in the morning a buck came in from downwind of my scent canisters, thirty yards downhill of me, one shot from the ol’ twelve gauge dropped him in his tracks. A beautiful non-typical nine point with an eighteen inch spread. My girlfriend has been asking what I wanted for Christmas. She’s having this monster mounted for me!!!

In two years from this same stand I have taken four bucks and one doe, using DOE PASSION, or BUCK THRASHER II, also using your Goldenrod Cover Scent. My experience over the last few seasons tells me one important thing.

Bill McAllister – Hamburg N.Y

two bucks caught with KishelsHi Kevin ….. These bucks were taken in Pike County Illinois, 2001. I’ll be ordering in the very near future. Thanks for a great hunting product.
Tim Lucas – PA
big buck caught“Kevin, I rely on your products because they make success happen.” Fall 2002 – Dan is a long time customer who consistently takes big buck using our products. 8 point taken using Kishel’s Doe Urine.
Dan Dietzen

man holding buck

“I shot this nice buck Tues Nov 3rd at 4:45 pm, I put the GOLDENROD on my boots and sprayed your DOE IN HEAT URINE in the air every 20 minutes as you suggested. He came into my tree stand downwind stopping to sniff the air. Thank you for a great product.”

Dr. Patrick Keem D.D.S.
East Aurora, NY

Patrick Keem Jr. Archery – 9 point taken on Doe Passion and Golden Rod Cover Scent. Great job Pat. We as Kishel’s know you give your hunting a lot of determination and hard work. It paid of this time!!

large buck caught using coverscent

“Kevin ….. All my clothes and equipment are sprayed down, including my boots, gloves, fanny pack, rattling horns, bow, arrows, etc with Kishel’s Pro shield. In the tree I spray your Kishel’s Goldenrod, a must cover scent, on the tree, and the branches around me. Throw some Kishel’s Doe Passion in the area scrapes to keep interest and you have the secret to success. Keep producing the fine products you sell and thank you for contributing to my successes!”

Buck caught using Kishels hunting products and lures

Brother Sean Keem – NY

Took a buck using our Doe Passion and Golden Rod Cover Scent.

Local deer hunters having a field day with big bucks

By WILL ELLIOT – News Outdoors Reporter – Buffalo News

Deer everywhere. This notebook might be shorter if we listed area hunters who did not get a deer so far this year.
Deer reports – trophy-sizes and first-time successes – have come in great numbers from both late-season archers and first-week shotgun hunters. Archers scored well before bow season ended Nov. 17. …. Patrick J. Keem, Jr. started with a doe on Nov. 3 and his buck on Nov. 8. Sean Keem matched his brother’s rack formation (5 points left, 4 points right), taking his buck with Kishel Scents on Nov. 16, 2002.

Kevin …… Took a nice 7 point using your Doe In Estrus with Doe Passion on a drag line on 11/2/02. It was a 16” spread with 6” tines.

Thanks ……. Chris Zaleski – NY

large buck I was in the woods on Saturday, 10/26/02, and used the Doe Passion in the Dave’s pop up wick and the Buck Thrasher II on another wick, and this guy walked up 15 yards away. And only 5 yards from the Buck Thrasher II. 8 point – 12″ spread. ….. Thanks for the scents and you can bet I will be recommending it to my friends.

Jim Shreckengost – PA

paul rice with buck

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order very quick. The box
came on Saturday after I had left to go hunt so I started to use the DOE PASSION on Sunday morning. It was a 24 degree day and dead still wind. I have a Johnny’s scent fan and this is the result. This is only my second year deer hunting and this is my first buck. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks! Paul Rice – NY

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