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Large fish caught in portland Large fish caught
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two fish caught with fish scent

I cannot begin to thank-you enough for the Fish Scent and for everything you do with Kishel’s Products. I’ve been in this game for a long time and have seen companies and products for the outdoors come and go. Kishel’s truly has stood the test of time and the reason is quite simple to me. You don’t put garbage into a bottle and sell it with a fancy label. Kishel’s products are by far superior to anything else out there….bar none. I have seen much of your products work on the trapline and in the deer woods, but what I saw the past two days on the trout stream was literally incredible. I used the fish scent on everything from red worms, wax worms, and power bait, to spinners and jigs and EVERYTHING I put the Fish Scent on caught fish. At times, trout were swimming around in a frenzy. I’ve NEVER had fish hit that aggressively…it was nothing short of amazing. I felt a bit guilty watching other fisherman catch nothing while I was nailing fish one after another…so I shared what I had and watched other fisherman, amazed at the results.

It was an awesome two days on the stream and for sharing the Kishel’s name with other anglers. There’s a lot of talk stirring about this amazing product as a result. You have got to get it in Sporting Goods stores all over Lancaster County Pa. It’s amazing what that one small bottle of product accomplished this weekend.

Talk to you soon Bro,


Kevin, I just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on my season so far. I took a pretty decent buck on October 15th with my bow. Kevin, it was just too easy. I was spiking up a couple mock scrapes for about 2-weeks with the scrape kit I got from you and I had three bucks come in together. The buck I shot was standing in the mock scrape nose to the ground. I took this buck at 8:58 am. Between the scrape kit and the few drops of Buck Thrasher 2 lure I had in the scrape, he didn’t have a chance. Plain and simple, your hunting and trapping lures are dangerous in the hands of a deer hunter. I’m going to begin trapping the first week of November. We’ve been getting some cold nights here lately and I just can’t wait any longer. I was hoping to get my buck out of the way so I could devote most of my time to trapping. Now that I’ve got the horns out of the way, it’s time to start feeding the stretchers. I’m anticipating an awesome season.

One final comment; I’m convinced that if a hunter or trapper uses your products as recommended, they can’t help but succeed. It just doesn’t get any better than Kishel’s.

Martin Yarbrough

Kevin, It’s mid December now and we’re in a deep freeze here in Southeastern PA. I’m still running a short trapping line but the bulk of my trapping is complete for the year. I won’t totally pull out until I add a few more fox to my season’s catch. Those early winter fox pelts are the best.

This season I had the opportunity to use a wide variety of your products for both Deer hunting and for the trapping line. I’ve been involved in the outdoors industry for many years and have pro staffed for numerous companies. I’ve seen some really good products over the years and I only use what trapping supplies I consider to be the best. As a trapper for over 25 years now, I’ve used several different brands of trapping lures and baits over the years. This year I really put Kishel’s to the test. I was not disappointed in any of your trapping products, in fact, this season over all was one of the best years I’ve ever had on the trap line. As far as your deer hunting products, I harvested my Pa. buck in archery season while he was standing in my mock scrape sniffing a snoot full of Buck Thrasher 2. In our firearms season, my fiancée harvested her first buck, a trophy 8-pointer. He too fell to the alluring essence of Buck Thrasher 2.

This year I wanted to try out as many of your trapping lures as possible so I could get a good feel for a lot of your product line. I wanted to be able to give an honest testimony of my experience with Kishel’s products. For canine’s I used Triple Dig-It, Red Brush, Canine Supreme, Crossbreed Call, Coy Dog II and Red Fox Gland Lure. For my water trapping I used the Coon Digger I and Coon Digger II, Coon Cream, Mink Misery and your Muskrat Lure. I WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH EVERY ONE OF THESE PRODUCTS. Now, I’ve been trapping long enough to know that any lure can give some positive results, however, what impresses me with your product line is the consistency of positive results. I took about 8 rolls of film capturing the results of much of my success with your products. Pictures are worth a thousand words and the photos I’ve taken speak for themselves.

Basically, my opinion is this, for anyone considering using Kishel’s trapping lures and baits, well, just be prepared to do a lot of skinning at the end of the day. In fact, you may want to invest in an extra skinning knife. As trappers, we invest a lot of effort and hard work into the trapping line. A fair financial investment in equipment is also something you can’t avoid so you might as well get the best you can afford. Good lures and baits are your ace in the hole and without them, the best equipment in the world will yield next to nothing. If you’re not using Kishel’s trapping lures, you’re not using the best.

Kevin, thank you for providing the best products available to the hunter and trapper. I’ll never be without a supply of Kishel’s products when I go into the field.

Best wishes and good trapping,

Greg Yarbrough

President of Brandywine River Productions

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Most Photographers know the importance of getting in close.

When was the last time you were as close as this Photographer??

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