Tell us about your success and your favorite Kishel’s trapping supplies or product used!

using multimusk to trap fox

KISHEL’S MULTI MUSK – When Kishel’s Quality Animal Lures & Scents introduced “Multi Musk” trapping lure to the market, I got a hold of a bottle just as quickly as I could and went to work. With the success I’d had with so many other Kishel’s trapping products, I couldn’t wait to experience the versatility of use that this particular product had to offer. I found the “Multi Musk” to be extremely effective trapping lure in dry land dirt hole sets for both fox and raccoon.

trapping supplies in the water Now it was time to head to the stream and see how well I could do in the water. I trapped a small stream that ran through two adjoining properties, covering a distance of just a few hundred yards. I was targeting mink, muskrat and raccoons specifically and used Multi Musk exclusively in all of my pocket and trail sets, with no added bait. An example of my success with this extraordinary lure was a late season days catch of two mink, four coons and twelve muskrats…in my opinion, a great days catch on such a small trapping line.Greg Yarbrough
Kishel’s Quality Animal Lures & Scents Pro-Staff


This late season buck is a product of the proper use of Kishel’s Scrape Kit, Doe Passion, and my favorite…. Golden Rod Cover Scent. As long as there is a season open, it’s never too late to put these awesome products to use. The Scrape Kit had this buck making frequent visits to my mock scrape, the Doe Passion captured his attention and lured him in while I was in the stand, and the Golden Rod Cover Scent kept him from getting my scent from down wind. This complete system of Kishel’s trapping products gave me the edge and helped me fill another tag.

trapping a coyote with Kishels luresBill McCalister with a nice coyote using Kishel’s trapping supplies.
New York
coyote trappingCoyote Trapping on Triple-Dig-It
Levi Roeber – Omaha, Nebraska
girls with a fisher.. I swear by the stuff for fisher, every fisher I’ve ever trapped has been lured with Crossbreed.
Paul Lazarus
Pennsylvania Bobcat caught using Kishel's Bobcat Gland LurePennsylvania Bobcat caught using Kishel’s Bobcat Gland Lure Randy Bono

coyote trapping using coyote getter

Kevin, I trapped a nice male coyote with Coyote Getter.
Ron Tussel


Kevin I gave your lures a shot, with the results I had ,I’m convinced your one of the best in the business. With your trapping supplies and what area I covered to trap, I had what I thought was an outstanding season.Thanks to your Red Fox Gland Lure, Grey Fox Gland Lure, Crossbreed and Triple Dig-it. I tell you what that Crossbreed I DIG IT!!

Kevin keep up the good work and thanks for a great 2006 season”
Troy Black – Missouri

first weasel trapping

” …. my daughter Paige’s first catch thanks to your Weasel Lure.”
Thanks for great trapping products!

Damon Williams

bobcat caught

Here is a picture of a pretty good bobcat my friend, Tobe Morgan and I trapped in Kentucky.  We used K-9 bait and Crossbreed at a dirt hole set to take this cat. I’m very pleased with every product of yours that I’ve tried.

Roscoe Peden – Kentucky

bobcat trapped with trapping supplies

‘Scents For Success’

Dear Sirs:
Attached are a few photos of a catch using your products. I would like to thank you for the quality and effectiveness of your products that lead to a success such as the capture of this spotted raider responsible for several missing pets and farm animals. I look forward to future seasons of success using your products and information.

Randy Smith – Cherry Valley, NY

coyote trapping Mark Bouquin
1st Coyote trapped using Triple Dig-it and Cat urine
kishels trapping coyoteMontana Coyote caught on Triple-Dig-It coyote caught in montanaJeff Rettig
Montana Coyote caught on Crossbreed

woman catching coyote

Joe and I love your trapping supplies and enjoy sharing them with our friends. This year I had the opportunity to teach one of my very dear friends (Cyndee Gulvas) how to trap, we used Crossbreed and Coy Dog II. She caught 4 coyotes in 5 days. Cyndee is a turkey hunter and loves bow hunting, she said – this is a great time!

Becky Bona – PA

men with trapping furs

Attached is a picture on my son Jesse Bono, and my trapping buddies daughter, Leah McGuire. My buddy and I have been using your trapping supplies for several years now and have had great success with each type of product we have tried. I’ve been picking up your lure from Jeff Rettig and he encouraged me to send a picture of our catch to you. Thank you for putting out a great product. Hopefully, I’ll see you this summer at one of the local trapping conventions.

Randy Bono – PA

Austin Passamonte with trapping furs

Austin Passamonte


“I only wish I had heard about your line of trapping products before the season began. The short time I put a couple of your lures to work told me all I needed to know. You can count on some pint sized orders of TRIPLE-DIG-IT and especially CROSSBREED, a new found favorite of mine. Keep up the good work, Kevin. I look forward to turning your lures into cash next season.”


P.S. “Those sets lured with CROSSBREED I pulled over a month ago, still being visited by Fox.”

man and son with coyote cody with coyote Kevin,
“Thank you so much for sharing your system on taking Eastern Coyotes with us. It really works and your products are the best. Pictured is my son Cody with a coyote he took December 28th, 2004 and my coyote taken on December 29th 2004.”Paul and Cody Fuller – NY

Beaver caught with soft call

Tony Pezzino
Beaver taken on Soft Call

“Here is a picture of the 1st coyote I caught using your products. So far I have caught 22 coons, 6 skunks, 20 opossums, 1 grey fox, 1 coyote. Your lures, supplies and baits are the best!”Robert Conrath, PA coyote

furs on rack

Your Crossbreed is truly an excellent predator Lure. I also caught sharpies on your Bobcat Gland lure. This was the worst season for keeping traps operating I can remember. The heavy smell of Crossbreed held up through the rain & snow! A great product!

Randy Smith – PA

coyote on a snare

Kevin …. I was at your seminar at the fairgrounds in the winter. I was looking for help getting my first coyote with a gun. You said to try the fox urine and tone down the calling. Well, I went out the last two weekends of the season in Orchard Park. I did what you said and finally got my first coyote. She came in about 50 yards from my ground blind using your scent and mouse call. I do not think she even knew I was there. I had to say thanks for your help and great scents.

Bill Marvin – NY

Bobcat caught in PA

Another satisfied customer who depended on Kishel’s Products to catch his once in a lifetime trophy Bobcat in the state of PA.


two bobcats

Joe and Becky Bona received not one but two bobcat tags this past fall from the PA Game Commission, the second year they issued cat tags in PA. Joe’s male cat weighed in at 20 lbs. caught with the combo of our Bobcat Urine and Triple-Dig-It lure. Becky caught her 16.5 lbs. female with the combo of our Eel Bait and Bobcat Urine. What a deadly combo ….. What a deadly trapping team. Congratulations.

fisher trapped with kishels

“Well the CROSSBREED did the trick for us this past fall in the Adirondacks. We caught (our first) male fisher.”

Patti Wattengel Hamburg, NY

(Special Note – Patty and her Husband Rick are Active Members of the New York Trappers Association. Patty in 1999 won THE SPORTSWOMEN OF THE YEAR award by the New York State Federation of Sportsmen. Thank You Rick & Patty for your dedication!)

truck full of furs trapping furs

“Hi, I bet you get a ton of pictures from everyone who enjoys the out doors as much as we do so your probably lacking time but if you get a minute check out our truck load of fur! In the picture with the black sweatshirt is Josh Cybart and myself Tom Rozumalski. We remember when you would come to Wes Wind and I do believe that is where we both caught the trapping bug. Well, in the picture is what we would call alot of fur it was the most we had ever gotten in one single season. I can honestly say without a doubt Josh did catch more fox (because he had the only bottle of triple dig it and cross breads). I think next year West Wind will be ready for us because this past season we went in and bought the whole lot of your trapping lures! As always your products are great!”

truck full of furs “My 2nd coyote catch with your lures double punch hole one with red brush and the other with triple dig it.”

Duane Zimmerly

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