Buck Thrasher II


A supreme blend of quality ingredients and musks which are extremely attractive to whitetail bucks. One of the finest Whitetail scents available.When you are hunting that trophy buck you need a bottle of “Buck Thrasher I” along.

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How it works:

It does not matter if it is pre-Rut, post-Rut or in the heart of Rut season, this lure is always attractive to trophy bucks. Our formula has been seen on the Outdoor Channel Network and is endorsed by many professional hunters from around the country. It sets the standard for Whitetail buck lures.


Can be used all season.
Unlimited shelf life and non-sythetic
Unlike urines, no special care is needed to insure this products effectiveness.
Simply cap any unused portion and save for next season.Packaged in glass bottles to insure product performance.

Praise for Buck Thrasher II:

“…I have an order on the way in. Have killed lots of Vermont bucks with Buck Thrasher II. Four bucks in four years- all on the same bottle! Oh, also two in PA. I love the shelf life – how do you make any money?”
~Gordon McNaney