Fish Scent


Trapper developed fish attractant for all freshwater & saltwater species…. fisherman tested! Trappers have known for years the importance of having a great scent for attracting animals to trap sites.

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So what does this mean to fisherman? The bottom line is that you’ll catch more fish using our closely blended trapper formula, “Fish Scent”. Every bottle is jam-packed with enhanced, fish-grabbing ingredients in a special oil base. This universal product goes unmatched in attracting freshwater & saltwater game fish.

Extremely effective, and it triggers strikes! A must have for every tackle box.

Customer Testimonial:

“It was a nice fall day and going to work was not an option, so I decided to hit the stream and see if I could pick up some trout. I went to a stream nearby me called Nesshannock Creek. I walked quite a distance upstream to get away from all the guys fishing near the covered bridge and found a place to start fishing. I fished for about an hour and a half, only to pick up about 2 trout. I then remembered, in my fishing bag, I had Kishel’s Fish Scent and decided to apply it to my flies. I was fishing a Royal Coachman with a Hare’s Ear dropper. I applied the scent to both flies and fished the same section of stream I had previously fished for the last hour. Just when I thought it would be a good day fishing and not going into work, became a ‘great day’ fishing for the next 2 hours. I picked up eight trout – two of which were better than 14″. Thanks Kevin – I had a great day thanks to your scent.”

-Jeffrey Rettig